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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Clothing Show part 2 - Chiyopia

As you can imagine people are always asking us about shopping local. It's not as simple as you think. There are definitely levels of local.
Here is a great example. You know the "new" charm bracelets? I think they call them "generational" bracelets too. Pandora is probably the biggest name, there is also Chamillia, Biagi and Trollbeads, and I'm sure a bunch more.
Well a team of Toronto guys have created their own version.  As far as quality, design sense and price is concerned they are definitely competitive with the other companies, in some ways superior to.

They are not manufactured here (so we can't carry them on but they do design some of the beads here, and in the U.S. They ship them from a warehouse in the Toronto area.  They are manufactured in Thailand, as are Pandora beads, and probably the other companies too. Each company offers slightly different beads, clasps, bracelet options...

This is an amazing local option! Maybe not as local as it could be but definitely more local than Pandora from Denmark, or Chamillia, Trollbeads & Biagi are from the States. Trollbeads from the US actually started in all in 1976.
As a supporter of artists I am sensitive to buying knock offs,  but I don't think this applies with any of the companies. I think they are all offering a superior product that is competitive price wise, each with their own unique offerings as far as bracelet and charm options.
So all things being equal, Chiyopia has some beautiful charms, check out their FairyTale section and their Family sections of beads.
There is also the local advantage of being able to go to sample sales, like the one at the Clothing Show AND returns are allot easier when done locally! I know, I know, you are welcome for this little tid bit!

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  1. I actually own a Chiyopia bracelet and you're spot on with the quality of the product! What's even better is the large selection and they seem to be getting new arrivals frequently. The best thing - no one will ever have the same charm bracelet as you. I get compliments on mine all the time.
    Thanks for the post!