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Monday, February 27, 2012


OMG!! This Bike dress by Electopura is SO cute! Made from an upcycled T-shirt, the back view makes a statement. Finished with a green printed cotton jersey double skirt. So maybe these dresses are for girls, not even close to my size, I am still coveting one. Must find a little friend to buy this for........Electropura takes fashion consciousness to a new level.
"Foresight of design is our cornerstone: we recycle existing materials and upcycle interesting textiles create fu
nctional, one-of-a-kind pieces for toddlers and children from ages 0 to 5.Electropura’s entire line employs practical and durable recycled fabrics that will stand up to active kids and resulting wash cycles. Models range from crossover onesies to shirts and dresses for girls and boys".

Fashion Designer (and mom) Lynn van Gastel is the driving force behind Electropura. Lynn studied fashion design at the Artez Institute of Arts and worked in design studios across Europe. Now a mother of two young children in Toronto, Canada, van Gastel combines her passions for design, children and consumer-awareness to create fashion-forward, green clothing for conscientious parents around the world.

What a fab 100 Mile Find.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Polar Stones

Love this new vendor on 100 Mile Finds - Polar Stones. As a Mad Men fan, I can just imagine Don Draper dropping one of these rocks into his tumbler of Crown Royal. These are not just any old pet rocks, they are whiskey stones. This is a perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for guy.

Whiskey stones are cubes of solid soapstone that will chill liquor without diluting it, unlike ice. Whiskey stones are non-porous, odorless and tasteless, leaving you just your fabulous bevy to enjoy. Not just for whiskey, use them for any beverage you would like to chill without compromising the flavour or aroma. These stones are lovingly handcrafted and will not scratch your glasses.

Enjoy that pre-dinner cocktail even more with Polar Stones. And maybe wear your prettiest frock while you have a sip.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Broken Arts Fair IV - March 3, 2012

Broken Arts IV  is coming to the Oshawa Public Library, McLaughlin Branch in Oshawa on March 3rd, 2012. The festivities will run from 11am until 5pm. It’s free admission AND all-ages!  

It will be a day packed full of fun things to see and do for the whole family. There are a number of musicians lined up to entertain visitors throughout the day.  Local authors will be reading from their works and the Broken Arts Zine Library will be on hand for your reading pleasure There will be local artists there selling zines, fashion, art, crafts, jewelry, photography CD’s and tasty treats. This year’s fair also includes a “Speciman” themed art exhibit. Really something for everyone!

Broken Arts is a group of visual artists, writers, musicians and zinesters from the Oshawa area. They play in bands like Chris & Cassy, contribute to magazines like OshWhat, and have their own projects too.   

Broken Arts was formed in July of 2009 to fill a void in the Oshawa art scene and to help bring together various artists and art groups. Their mission has evolved into one of promoting all-ages events and supporting youth engagement. Two years ago, a crew of indie artists took over the auditorium of the McLaughlin library in downtown Oshawa and a slew of new friendships and partnerships were born.  In a relatively short time the collective has accomplished much by organizing 24 concerts, 3 craft fairs, a festival, a number of public games and art workshops, and Oshawa’s first ever Buskerfest. On Saturday March 3, 2012 you can join in the celebration of all things creative with Broken Arts once again hosts an all-day art and music extravaganza.

If you are an artist, crafts person, musician or just a lover of the arts, I encourage you to check out their website, they’ve got cool stuff going on all the time. You can follow them on face book and twitter too!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

RubyCat Jewellery

Looking for that special little bling to brighten your winter? Check out RubyCat Jewellery at 100 Mile Finds. Working primarily with sterling silver, vermeil and 14K gold fill, RubyCat searches for and selects the most beautiful gemstones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals and vintage finds, and combines them artistically to create their unique and elegant designs.

I love the colour in this multi-gemstone charm bracelet - jade, smokey quartz, garnet, onyx - interspersed with pewter leaves and berry beads on a metal rolo chain.

Or add your own custom touch and mix and match different styles of sterling silver rings on a chain. What a great way to personalize a gift.

RubyCat also welcomes custom work. Yet another 100 Mile Finds gem!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Wilk Watchworks

We were very excited when we saw the work of this new 100 Mile Finds vendor - Wilk Watchworks. Incredible metalsmith, Scott Wilk is a true craftsmen. The focus of his BFA was metalsmithing, and he uses these skills to create the most amazing watches. These watches are your future heirloom. They are functional, handcrafted works of art. You can see the hours of expertise that go into each one. For example the watch featured at right is handcrafted from sterling silver and has a pattern enameled into the oxidized dial. The pattern in the dial is made by milling the design into a wax model before casting and then filling the intaglio relief area with a resin type of enamel after casting.

Scott will meet you by appointment. He also does watch repairs and custom jewellery. Welcome to 100 Mile Finds, Wilk Watchworks!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Strattons Farm CSA initiative 2012

Strattons Farm is an ecologically sound small farm, based in the rolling hills of Stirling-Rawdon, in Hastings County. We provide "nutritionally dense food" to our customers throughout the season from our fields. Whether it be heirloom vegetables, heritage Berkshire pork, fresh farm gate eggs, honey from our bees to pasture raised poultry.

The farm was created out of a love of good food and a need to know where our food was coming from. After watching such movies as Food Inc, Fresh, The World According to Monsanto, and reading The Raw Milk Revolution, Omnivores Dilemma and Food Inc we decided to take our passion for food and sustainable living and share it with our local community.

Our vegetable boxes are sold via the CSA initiative.

What is a CSA?
The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm on an annual basis where the grower and shareholders share the risk and benefits of food production. This then connects the shareholder to fresh, local, sustainably grown, herbicide and pesticide free food in their area.

Why join a CSA?
Keeps food local rather than it being picked unripe, then being gassed in a storage container to ripen while it travels thousands of kilometres to get to your table.

Stopping the large corporations taking over the food system.

Learning to explore the delights of eating seasonally.

Supporting a local farm helps to stimulate the local economy.

Giving you the security of knowing where your food has been grown and that it has been grown in an environmentally sustainable way using as little fossil fuels as possible.

Having a relationship with the farmer that grows your food.
Rather than heading into a food store, picking up food that has been handled by many hands, wrapped in plastic, that has already been cleaned and prepared for you and may have already spent several weeks sitting on a shelf.

New at our farm for 2012: This year we will have an exchange basket if there is a vegetable that you don't particularly enjoy or you need some extra garlic you will be able to exchange one of your weekly items out with something else in the basket. For example: For the kale lovers you could have more kale and for the kale loathers you could exchange it for extra carrots or cabbage.

If you are interested in joining our garden, then please see the following link to read more about the programme and some of the feedback we have received from our members.

Boxes are limited as our aim is to be able to manage everything here at the farm between Michael and I (with a lot of help from our Suffolk Punch Draft horses May & Lily) and also to produce high quality naturally grown vegetables for you all.

If you would like more information or are interested in joining this years CSA then please contact us at the farm and we can e-mail or post your brochure and application form to you.

For those who are not close to our farm and would like to support a local farmer this season and receive seasonal fresh food then search through CSA Ontario's database to find your local CSA. On

"Look to the past for a greener future"

Sally & Michael

Monday, February 6, 2012

Silk Design by Jane

Jane first discovered 100 Mile Finds at a show in St. Catharines Ontario. She has recently updated her Silk Design by Jane 100 Mile Finds store to include a larger variety of her hand painted silk scarves. We love that she connects her designs to the Niagara region - her gorgeous blue rowing themed scarves highlight this activity that is often seen on Niagara rivers.

This pic at left features her 'work in progress'. The scarves are held by a frame and then thoughtfully painted by Jane.

Jane's uses salt to bring 'an explosion in colour and shape'. The sugar softens the colours. The scarves are made from Habotai silk and range in size from 8x54" to 11x60".

We are happy to feature Silk Design by Jane at 100 Mile Finds this month - her work brings a shot of colour to a sometimes grey season.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Designed by Craig Ewing

Designed by Craig Ewing is a new vendor at 100 Mile Finds that is on board just in time for Valentines Day. Sparkly trinkets are always appreciated - and Craig's designs include that artisanal touch that so many 100 Mile Finds customers are looking for.

One of my favourites is this gorgeous Crystal Tile bracelet, featured in aquamarine and garnet , but available in hundreds of colours that Craig can customize for you. I think the garnet version is pretty 'Valentiny', but what fun to pick your favourite colour.

And this Spring Garden bracelet is a breath of fresh air - February is a long month (ironically). Maybe a little sparkle will perk you up.