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Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Sharing Place

We got a note through the mailslot today, it had a very important message in it.

The Sharing Place is our local Compassionate Centre serving those with mental, physical and economic needs in your neighbourhood. They need the following items before December 10.
If your family can help it would be greatly appreciated. Items can be dropped off at the side door near the parking lot. Tuesdays and Thrusdays 8:30-12:30 and 5:30-8:30pm. Small gifts for men and women toiletries, scarves, gloves, vouchers for MacDonalds and Tim Hortons.
  • canned goods
  • kraft dinner
  • rice
  • cookies and crackers
  • peanut butter & jam
  • cereal
  • pasta
  • tomato sauce
This is always a great oppurtunity to get kids involved in helping someone else. You can go through your own cupboards and/or add items to a grocery list. Nothing feels better and is more empowering than helping someone else.
There are organizations like this in every neighbourhood. If you go to and click on donate and then individual donations, at the bottom you can click on firehalls or drop off locations to find somewhere near you.

Happy Giving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Joanne Kates, what a woman!

Susan and I had the oppurtunity to hear Joanne Kates speak last night to a group of parents at our childrens school about anti-bullying.
I was so inspired by what she had to say that I had to share it with you!
As a mother of 2 I've had to deal with the subject of bullying several times. Nothing really serious but we've had to chat with teachers... I have several issues with the whole anti bullying movement. One of my issues being that I think the term 'bully' is misused and over used, much like ADD and ADHD. I think there are kids with anger management problems and I think that social development often helps kids learn to handle themselves better... The other issue I have is that I hate how all the focus is on the Bully! It is so easy to fall into roles, especially when we precieve that other people expect that of us... I think that holds true for the victims too.

Joanne Kates approach to dealing with bullying is refreshing and enpowering! She talks about the relationship between the bully and the victim and the importance of repairing that relationship. As I try to share with you all that Joanne had to say I realize that what I heard is probably very different from what another parent facing different issues might have heard. I think Joannes's message is best told by herself. Go to you can find out about the camp and the possibility of her speaking at your own child's school too.

Okay, clearly she must be a great Mom and a great wife! I know she is a great speaker, I heard her. She also wrote a cookbook! She's a restaurant critic, a freelance writer, and a radio commentator!
I gotta go, I'm feeling a little inadequate!!

Have a great day!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Know a 'New Moon' fan? We've gotta a gift for them!

I saw 'New Moon' this weekend! Loved it! I gotta say I don't how you can choose between Jacob or Edward! Do we really have to? I think not!
I would highly recommend it. Great date movie, too! Lots of action for the guys... What a love story!
I don't know if you've heard that a certain holiday is coming up? It involves gift giving, can't remember what it's called, anyways... If you have a New Moon fan on your list check this out!
Our friends, Jenn & Katie, at Beading Hearts are huge Twilight fans and have created some great new pendents. My guess is that these aren't going to last long... I don't think they've had a chance to post these on their own site or ours yet so you may have to contact them directly to find out how to get them.

Have a great day!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Montforte Dairy

You may have already heard of Ruth Klahsen, aka the Cheese Lady! She is on of the top artisan cheese producers in the province and is making her dream of creating a sustainable micro-producer/dairy, with an apprenticeship program AND new products to complement the cheeses a reality. This lady dreams big and she needs some help!
The Cheese Lady will offer 5 types of cheese, Taleggio from Italy, Abondance, Salers and gaperon from France and a Spanish style torta. Right now you can only get  her Monforte Toscano at the St.Lawrence Market, while supplies last.
Here's the really cool part. In order to raise money to finance this adventure Moneforte Dairy  is offering a subscription to 'Monforte Renasissance 2010'. It is a CSA, a community shared agriculture plan. Essentially a subscriber can support the dairy by prepaying for cheese! For as little as $200 you can invest in wedge o' cheese, a brick will cost you $500 and a wheel $1000. You can receive your cheese two different ways, through vouchers that can be redeemed at participating markets/stores and at the dairy or in baskets that are delivered twice a year for the next five years. How cool is that?!
They are also offering a great gift basket for $80 + $20 delivery. Sounds like a great Christmas gift to me!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Breast Fest!

Here is an amazing event that is close to both Susan's and my hearts.

One of the woman featured in the short film 'About Her' is our friend and neighbour Karyn Stowe. I dare not say she is brave because she hates that, but I think you can read between the lines. Rethink Breast Cancer is an amazing organization located in the Toronto area who initiated the event.
If you have a chance this weekend it promises to be an inspiring oppurtunity to have a blast  with some friends, Rethink really knows how to throw a party, and support a really worthwhile charity.

Have a great day!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Man, oh man! Is it ever craft show season!! This Sunday we were at the Heintzman House. It was great to see Joanna from Life in a Lens and we also bumped into Pattie Rooke from The French Laundry who plans to join us in the new year!
This week Susan and I are busy trying to tie up all the loose ends of the website to have it up and running and bug free for the first week of December! We will end this week with a visit to Signatures Craft Show at the Metro Convention Centre, Plaid Tidings, the Swansea Craft Sale, The Moose Show that Christine from Morris B. is a vendor. I'm thinkin' we might be all craft showed out by then! There aren't any other big shows happening? Are there?!! I know, I know, the One of a Kind.
Talk to ya in a couple of days.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Toronto Craft Alert & Craft off the Lot show & Underground Craft Show

It's been a crazy couple of days! We posted an ad in the 'vendor call' section of the Toronto Craft Alert, OMG what a response! It has been fanastic!
Last night Susan and I headed off to another craft show, because this is a PG blog I can't tell you what we've nicknamed ourselves, but off we went to the Craft Off the Lot show, it was fantastic. It's on today and tomorrow too. Totally worth it, and they have wine!!! Dear Sukie was there and the folks from The Purple Thumb were there too!
Word is starting to get out. There were a few people there that had heard of us and we've had a couple of people applying to be vendors where we haven't initiated it!
Today and tomorrow we're lying low and then on Sunday we're off to the Heintzman House for their annual show. We looking forward to that.
A new vendor of ours, Torched Studio is holding a craft show that sounds amazing. It's called Underground Craft Show  and they will be featuring all local artists. It's on November 28th and December 12th at the studio. Hope to see you there!
Have a great weekend, got to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Children's Trunk Show In The Distillery

Last Friday Susan and I went to the Children's Trunk Show in the Distillery District. What a great event! The venue was fantastic, buildings 6&7 in the Fermenting Cellar. What a great room!

There was a fantastic assortment of vendors catering to Moms.

We were thrilled to finally meet Barbara from Little Footprints toys, definitely one of our 'pioneer vendors'! 


We are so happy to welcome Darren from Little Alphabet Books to 100 mile finds.

Tamar from Sweetpea Baby Food and Organic Snacks

Jade from Mommapalooza                                                   

Tracy from Soleado

Candace from Name your Tune

 and Alexandria from Clippo

We will be showcasing each of our vendors as the days go by so keep checking back.

We're off to  "Craft off the lot' on Thursday evening and the Heinzman House Craftshow this weekend. Wish us luck.

Saturday, November 7, 2009 a new Toronto Shopping website

Here we go, our first blog!

I've read up on what I'm supposed to say. Agonized over what that will be and now I'm just gonna go for it.

First a little bit about ourselves. We are, Shirley Fairley and Susan Wild. Apparently photos are good, once we have some good ones maybe, just maybe we'll post some of ourselves, but don't hold your breath we're both a bit camera shy!
I'm Shirley! In my previous life I was a window dresser, not nearly as glamorous as it sounds, and back then I used to hand paint t-shirts and sell them at craft shows. I was also, and still am, a photographer. Back in the day I did strictly fine art stuff and sold framed prints and images on greeting cards at a few stores, but mostly at craft shows. Now I specialize in family portraits, I shoot a number of dance schools and private schools too. It is strictly a part-time job probably more accurately described as a freelance gig!
Hi, I'm Susan! I abandoned my career in printing and graphic arts some time ago, and re-educated myself in social work - there always seems to be a need for that regardless of the 100 mile radius. 100 Mile Finds is a unique opportunity for me to incorporate the business side of my brain in marketing and communications, with my interest in community development. I am amazed by the talented people we have met so far in this (ad)venture, and I look forward to meeting more of you.

It's Shirley again, the official blogger today, although Susan and I will alternate this responsibility in the future... We are 100 mile finds.
This is how it all started. I'm hearing that dreamy music that they have on TV when people are remembering something, listen for it, anything? Never mind.

It was Susan's idea to create a website that showcased local artisans, crafts people, cool stores, restaurants that offer local fare and funky things to do. I loved the idea and jumped on board before she could give it a second thought. It's been in the works for about a year and half now and we are finally, FINALLY, at the point where we are soliciting vendors.

We have been to craft show after craft show, big and small, and we will keep that up. We do drive bys all over the city finding cool stores, we scope out other websites from directories, to other shopping websites, to artisans’ individual sites, collectives - if you're out there we are trying to find you.
Of course our focus is local. We want vendors from the area. Goods being manufactured here is fantastic too. If you source your materials from nearby, even better.
As I've heard Susan say many a time though, everywhere is 100 miles from somewhere! We are starting in the Toronto area and plan to conquer the world 100 miles at a time. Also quoting Susan on that one.
So right now we want to find out about markets, artisans, stores and unique services in the Toronto area. If you are one of these things, or know someone who you think would be great let us know!

If you've got any questions about 100 mile finds, we want to hear from you!

Apparently we need to be coming up with 3 blogs a week! Yikes!

We'll be introducing you to all of our vendors, we're going to give you shopping routes for different neighbourhoods in T.O., and we'll be coming up with cool gift ideas. Anything else you want to hear about?

Let us know. You can leave comments on the blog, you can contact us a