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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Steven Crainford Photography

There are a number of different photographers on 100 Mile Finds - from portraits to landscapes.  Photography is an amazing way to express your taste in art without having to bid at Sothebys.  One of our photographers, Steven Crainford, has listed several different shots that are a sampling of his work taken from across North America. 

 "Over the last 19 years my photography has evolved from B&W images made on film with a view camera and printed in the darkroom into work in both colour and black and white using a high resolution digital camera and printed on a state-of-the-art inkjet printer."  His work "is based on capturing light, form, line and texture in the images he creates. In addition to representational images, he often creates abstract and impressionistic photographs".

In the last little we've been going over the site and I was reintroduced to Steven's work. It is amazing! He is one of those photographers that can capture a huge vista and make it fit beautifully into the frame. He uses repetition in nature as subtle accent in many of his images. Well worth a trip to his website.
Custom projects are welcomed by Steven - each print is made individually. 

For a larger representation of Steven's Work, click on the link Steven Crainford Photography

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