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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Clothing Show

On Sunday Susan & I headed off to the Clothing Show. Damn marathon! It sure wasn't easy to get there by car, although the TTC really did their best to make travelling through the area possible. Now all they have to do is advertise that they are doing it!!
Once again we were humbled by the talent that exists in our city, our province, our country. It is truly amazing!
Eve from Torched Studios was there. Her work is spectacular.

She is one of those fantastic artists that is thrilled to be doing what she loves and not only does it show in her work but she is such a pleasure to talk to. Eve will be at the Parkdale Bazaar (Queen & Cowan in Toronto) on Saturday December 4th, 10-5pm. Check out her store on 100 mile finds, it gives you a hint of what she has to offer. She makes these enamel tube necklaces, they have a real ethnic feel to them, beautiful! She has started doing these amazing rings too! Very different from what she has been offering up until now. I think they are enamel, All I know is, I have to have one! I almost forgot to mention the bracelets, seriously you have to see her work. She also offers classes from her studio. Don't you think she post her new enamel rings on 100 mile finds so that we could buy them? Me too!

That's it for now, but stay tuned throughout the week. I want to tell you about Las Valentias, Slashpile, and some other ways you can shop more local than not!

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