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Friday, October 1, 2010

THE REFINERY at 100 mile finds

The Refinery is a creative image consulting company, I didn't even know such a thing existed! 

Their mission is "to help real woman find clothing and accessories that enhance their personal style and are practical for their daily lives!" LOVE IT!

I'm feeling giddy as I research this, it sounds like so much fun! If you want to start small you could order a "Shop Your Closet" package for $120. Together you and the Refinery, shop your closet and assemble up to 30 chic new outfits FROM CLOTHES YOU ALREADY HAVE! sorry I didn't mean to shout. The outfits will be designed to fit your current lifestyle (I still have a ton of stuff in my closet that worked in my 'life before children' lifestyle, not so good now!) They offer tips on your own personal style and how to make old stuff feel new again.

What about a "Private Group Boutique Shopping Tour" The Refinery will totally customize it for you. As you can imagine they would know all the cool stores and boutiques out there and it's always good to shop with an expert, they know where all the deals are too! Group sizes are 2-6, at a total of $350, additional ladies are $50,  can you say "girls day out"?

Now if those two options don't peak your interest, what about the "Seasonal Style Update" The Refinery will come in, go through your closet with you, find out what works, what you need to update your look, shop with your for those pieces AND design up to 30 'go-to' outfits. I know, how cool is that?! For a mere $500!

Gentleman, this sounds like a great gift! Ladies, why not treat yourselves!?
Happy shopping...

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