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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chef Gabriele Ferron at Butcher By Nature

On Friday November 9th between 4pm and 7pm,
Butcher By Nature will be hosting a tasting of various risotto dishes prepared by Master Chef Gabriele Ferron of  Verona, Italy.

For me, there are certain dishes that you order in restaurants, they are just too much work to make at home, risotto is definitely a restaurant dish. I LOVE risotto but as far as I'm concerned, it takes way too much effort on my part, especially when the end result isn't guaranteed!  "Don't stir my rice. It's too delicate." music to my ears.

Master Chef Gabriele Ferron known as the "World Ambassador for Rice",  is renowned for his obsession with risotto. He wants to save us from the labour of risotto! "15-minute risotto, so you can spend more  time living!"
Also known as the "King of Rice" Ferron is a rice-master chef, he mills his own rice at the Antica Pila Vecia farm, just outside Verona, Italy. His empire includes a production company, two restaurants, and an academy. His product lines include risotto, rice grissini, rice biscuits, pasta made from rice flour, rice polenta and more. There are even gluten-free and celiac options available.

Ferron rice is a high quality cereal which creates supreme rice products and tasty, nutritional dishes. Among the wide variety of products manufactured by Ferron there are two different kinds of rice, Carnaroli rice and Vialone Nano rice. Carnaroli rice originated from cross-breeding Vialone and Lencino rices and is now regarded as the best rice in Italy. The superfine, larger grain rice stays firm and distinct making it perfect for robust and delicate rice dishes including salads, risottos and timbales. Vialone nano rice is minimally processed so that the natural starches are preserved, producing a rich, flavourful & creamy risotto. Retaining more vitamins and minerals, it is a healthier alternative to other commercial products.

Join the folks at Butcher By Nature on Friday November 9th between 4pm and 7pm when Master Chef Gabriele Ferron prepares his organic Vialone Nano with different organic meats offered for sale at BBN. Sounds like we've got dinner covered!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Gifts of my Hands

And it is a talented pair of hands in Nici Shipway.  Nici gave up her job as a a behavioural therapist who worked with autistic children (thank you Nici for your previous efforts in this field, btw, I am sure you have made a difference to many children and their parents) to focus on a different kind of creative endeavor.  Gifts of my Hands is the company under which Nici sells her unique jewellery and accessories.

Nici loves weddings - her one-of-a-kind wedding bouquets can be kept forever.  And she will help you accessorize with her fascinators and custom jewellery.  What a great way to add a twist and make that special day your own.  Nici loves to work with brides to be on custom orders.

If there is not a wedding in your near future, Gifts of my Hands jewellery pieces include this Golden Snitch necklace.  I think this would make an amazing gift, and at $20 it's a steal.

Welcome to 100 Mile finds Nici.  We can't wait to see what those amazing hands create.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Our Friend Karyn's Story

When Toronto mom Karyn Stowe was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago, she looked everywhere for a realistic and child-friendly resource to help her three young children understand the various treatments she had to  go through.  All the books Stowe found were so overwhelming and scary she decided the only solution was to write her own.  Today, Stowe’s The Kids’ Guide to Mommy’s Breast Cancer – a positive, easy-to-understand resource for young families living with breast cancer – is available across Canada.

Based on the original stories Stowe wrote during her treatment, The Kids’ Guide to Mommy’s Breast Cancer features carefully selected images and text that are hopeful but realistic.  The Tips section contains helpful suggestions on how parents can use the books as well as ideas on how to talk to your child about breast cancer.  In the Treatment section, each treatment is explained in its own separate chapter so it can be read in any order and if, and when, mom faces it.  The Finished Treatment section looks at the many lifestyle changes that often take place after a cancer diagnosis in a kid-friendly way.
Stowe’s book went from dream to reality because of the support of Rethink Breast Cancer, a Canadian charity that runs a number of programs specifically for younger women affected by breast cancer.   In addition to providing Stowe with invaluable support during treatment, Rethink offered a Booby Innovation Grant to breast cancer survivors who have an idea that will  help other women who are diagnosed with breast cancer.  Stowe was selected as a recipient of the grant and she immediately started working on the book.

“In addition to helping children understand the many changes that are happening in their families while mom is in treatment, this book also helps women and their partners see what lies ahead of them,” says Stowe.  “It also helps friends and neighbours explain to their own young children why their friend’s mom has no hair or why their family is cooking a meal to help them.”
The Kids’ Guide to Mommy’s Breast Cancer is available at on-line booksellers (including Authorhouse, Chapters, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon).  Limited copies are also available through Rethink Breast Cancer and cancer care clinics across Canada. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Rethink Breast Cancer.  For more information, and to see a preview of the book, please visit

Monday, October 22, 2012

100 Mile Halloween Ideas

Halloween is really just an excuse to feature these talented vendors with FUN kids' products. Play me Mama Crafts makes delightful childrens' playclothes that could be ramped up for Halloween. Who would not want to be a fairy or superhero for the day?

Or, if pre-historic strikes your fancy (and I am thinking the fire-breathing variety), Fancy Pants Kids has just what you need. Short or long tailed dragon outfits that will be fun to play with the other 364 days this year.

And don't forget, Goodwill,  Double Take and The Salvation Army stores have great new and used costume  ideas and supplies.  It makes you feel much better to contribute to their bottom lines than the next chain store.
Make Dress Up more than just Oct 31 - it's fun all year round.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Made By Hand Show is OCTOBER 27th, 2012

Just wanted to correct my typo, the Made By Hand Show is October 27, 2012, rather than the 17th as originally posted. Sorry about that!

Made By Hand Show, October 27, 2012 at the International Centre

Designed by Craig Ewing
Judy Cogo Designs
The "Made By Hand Show" officially kicks off the Holiday buying season this year. With almost 200 vendors, each selling hand made items, there is no better place to start your holiday shopping. Once again the show is being held at the International Centre in Mississauga in Hall 6. With plenty of free parking, free swag bags for the first 100 customers this show is always a huge hit. There are door prizes, and raffles, balloon animals and face painting for the kids and shhhhh, a surprise Princess visit!

The main reason to attend this show though is the vendors.
The list of vendors is outstanding! Suzie Saxx will be there. Handcrafted and painted bags made right here in Ontario. Made of 100% natural, 10-12 oz. cotton. These bags are perfect for grocery shopping or heading for a day at the beach, and everything in between. Suzie has great laundry bags and BYOB bags too. Definitely a booth worth stopping by.

Another favourite at the shows is Warm Fuzzies. Gen makes beautiful hot water bottle covers in adorable animal and fantasy characters. They would make the perfect gift for a small child, teenager or just about anybody, any age that's ever needed or might need in the future,  a warm cuddle when they are feeling down. Gen also creates a bunch of felted toys for the young and young at heart.

Looking for Christmas cards? You've got to drop by thunderpeep designs booth too!

Details by Donna

It's impossible to do justice to all the amazing jewellers that will be at the show. Here's just a peak. Details by Donna will be showcasing her gorgeous polymer clay jewellery. Don't forget to stop by Designed by Craig Ewing and Judy Cogo Designs booths too, both are pictured above.

Sally Skirt by Isa Te's Designs 
Last, but definitely not least I want to mention Isa Te's Designs. Each garment Ingrid creates is made from repurposed & vintage fabrics. This might be the booth to stop by to get your shopping started by picking up something for yourself!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How do you like them Apples?

Apple picking and eating is one of my favourite October things to do in Ontario.  If you have not made a trek this fall yet, here are a couple of great sites to get you inspired. has a listing of many spots all over Ontario.  Included in the listings are fun family places to go with corn mazes and pumpkin patches (oh yeah, there is another special occasion coming at the end of the month...) There are also tips on canning and freezing with some great recipe links. has lots of listing for the immediate GTA.

Unfortunately the early warm spring and subsequent freeze did a number on the blossoms (and the crop this year), so you might want to check in with the orchard before you make the trek.  "The “good” news is that the apple trees which lost their buds this year put all their energy into growing and that will likely mean a “bumper crop all over the province” next year, says Tom Chudleigh, 72, whose Chudleigh Farm in Halton Hills has been operating 55 years"

Here's a guide to some of the best types you can buy for cooking and eating.
And if all you need is the visual, Anne Henvey has Apples of the Rainbow that will have you thinking October all year.

Monday, October 8, 2012

100 Mile Experiences

Much of our focus here at 100 Mile Finds is to bring you unique, local artisanal products that you won't generally find at a big box store.  We do feature 'unique' services on the site that we think are off the beaten track. When we originally started the site, we recognized that all services are local, so we thought it was important to not become another service directory.
That being said, I love the idea of giving an 'experience' as a gift.  My husband still says that the acrobatic flight he took from the Toronto Islands was one of the best gifts he ever had. And it supports the local economy.  And it does not come with excessive packaging.

I know we are all familiar with Groupon (and yes, we have heard from lots of retailers that these 'deals' come at a loss to them), but I can't help but mention Living Social.  The website is American, but you can be alerted to deals in your area.  The deals featured are all services/experiences - from B&B stays, dining, horseback riding to Puppet Theatre workshops.  Recently I saw a deal for 12 Kung Fu classes for $12!
Clearly the businesses want to get you in the door and hope that you will use them again.  I think it is a great way to try something new - who knows it may become your next passion. I recently bought a deal to do a paddleboarding lesson on Lake Ontario from Bluffers Park. It was great fun, and it got me out of both my neighbourhood and comfort zone.  Anyway, could not help but pass this along.  There are so many local things to do.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hot New Stuff at 100 Mile Finds

We are so lucky to have an ongoing fountain of inspiration here at 100 Mile Finds.  Vendors come up with new items every day and we continue to be amazed at the talent we have so close.  We wanted to highlight a few new 'favourite things'.

Ginger Art Lamps has a fabulous black and white shade featuring New York City (more than 100 Miles, but iconic none-the-less.

Blissful Sew has come up with this great care seat organizer that you can make yourself.  We know it is impossible to reach back and pass the book to the little person strapped into their seat.  This is one sanity saving item.

And yes, the big shopping holiday is still pretty far, but these items might help you feel like one of those really organized people.  Eco-Parent's Holiday Giving Issue focuses on how to buy "better" over the holiday season - however you celebrate! Buy better, rather than more, and using your dollars to do good, will be featured. We love that.
And Mummi-Quilts recently posted their holiday table runner/cloth napkins.  That will make you feel prepared.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Kid Culture will be hosting the First National Costume Swap Day™ in the Junction on October 13th, 2012. The swap starts on September 30th.
Are the dark corners of your storage room a little spookier than usual? Do they come complete with piles of too small, underused or long-forgotten costumes, bits and bobbles of Halloweens past? Do you have no desire to spend tons of time and money fighting the crowds (and your kids) to score another costume that will end up in that cob-webby pile?

Kid Culture, Fancy Pants Kids and Play Me Mama Crafts have a fun, economic, creative and light-on-the-earth solution for you – the first Junction Costume Swap as part of National
Fancy Pants Kids
Costume Swap Day Canada.
We’ve got your back in the costume department this year. Spend a fun early October Saturday afternoon with other parents and kids looking to discover some great finds and get rid of that never-to-be-worn again (by you) box of costumes, accessories and more in the spirit of upcycling.
“Everyone has a stash of costumes from Halloweens gone by that they don’t use any more,” says National Costume Swap Day organizer Robin Rivers. “We’re putting those old costumes to good use and making them new to you while helping families save money and live lightly.”

The event will be held from 10 a.m. till 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 13 at Kid Culture, 2986 Dundas St W Toronto, ON. Costumes and accessories to be swapped can be dropped off at Kid Culture from Sunday September 30th till Friday October 12th.

How it works: Bring your clean, gently used costumes to exchange and trade into the store from September 30th till October 12th. You will get an exchange ticket in the shop for every costume you bring in that allows you to go home with a new-to-you costume for your kids the day of the swap. No costumes to trade, no worries you’ll be charged a flat fee of $5 at the door (cash only) and you can pick out a costume.  Proceeds will be benefitting The Salvation Army Evangeline Residence.

Organizers are also asking that you bring a new or gently used children’s book for Bookhunters.  Get all of the details on the local costume swap and find out all the details on this national movement at The Junction Costume Swap is a part of National Costume Swap Day Canada celebration where communities throughout the country are helping families save money, create a
stronger sense of community and live lightly on the Earth this Halloween.