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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Susan & Shirley's excellent adventures - Spring 2011 - part 2

The Love Local Show! We were invited to participate in the Love Local Show put on by Jen and Suzie at Foxy Originals! Boy did we learn a thing or two, these girls are real go getters. Not a stone was left unturned as far as making the most out of marketing and media opportunities. They hand picked a select group of local designers. The venue was the Holcim room at the Evergreen/Brickworks, a great open space with guaranteed traffic from the Farmers' Market. A ton of people went through the space during the day even though we faced rain of biblical proportions in the morning. The girl at Luved Clothing made a killing selling her fantastic jackets, I think every vendor bought one, we were freezing to death! We were able to collect a whole bunch of email addresses to add to our newsletter subscription list, which was fantastic.

One of the amazing vendors while we were there.

Kaia Naturals was one of the vendors. Mary has created these amazing bamboo facial cleansing cloths. I've been using them for the last few weeks and LOVE them! I have to admit I'm one of those woman who means to take her make-up off before she's goes to bed every night, but I'm so damn tired I often forget. Mary suggested I leave the handy dandy case by my bed! I literally take my make-up off, clean my face and tone it with no sink or mess! I think it's a great product to introduce girls to, it's natural and easy!

Next I'll tell you about our adventures at the Arts Market at the Evergreen/Brickworks.

Monday, June 27, 2011

This is Small House

New vendor This is Small House recently joined 100 Mile Finds . This sister act work out of their home studios in Toronto and are happiest "sewing, drawing, painting, gluing and cutting". Their creations are both practical and decorative. Th sleep mask featured on the site ensures a good night and a not-too-early morning. We are hovering around the longest day of the year, and while the birds are busy at 5:30 a.m., not all of us need to be.

Fabric buntings can be customized to be used as an annual decoration for a special occasion, or as a home decor accent.
Contact them through the site to be a part of something created just for you.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Beat Black

100 Mile Finds vendor Beat Black has a young vibe. And young with a sense of humour. At Beat Black, "you'll find a curious selection of handmade goth, kawaii, rockabilly, punk and just plain WTF pieces. All wearable art has been sculpted out of a high quality polymer clay in downtown Toronto. No molds are ever used so each piece is uniquely your own and can be shipped to you".
The piece featured called the 'Neuro Necklace' would be a great gift for your brainy grad!

Sarah loves featuring customers wearing her jewelry and such so if you ever want to be a part of the gallery section, Beat Black site, just send your pictures to

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Susan and Shirley's excellent adventures - Spring 2011 - part 1

We've been busy lately. Susan and I are all about getting the 100 mile finds name out there. It's our mission for the Spring, Summer and Fall of 2011! We're sending out newsletters, and press releases. We're on facebook and Twitter and we're blogging here, there and everywhere. We're entering contests and pinning on Pinterest! We are participating in Craft Shows...

Did you know that "they" say that of all the people you reach about a project, say 100 mile finds, only 4% of those people will actually act on the information! OMG! I'm gonna have to keep this short and sweet, we've got a whole lotta people to reach!

Thank God what we're doing is so much fun! Okay not the packing and unpacking part of the craft shows but most of the rest of it is pretty fun.

At the end of last month we participated in the Brocante Lux show in St. Catharines. It was an awful day, cold and wet and not a whole lot of people showed up but we met a ton of great vendors, some already on the site, Details by Donna, Jules Mae and The Feathers Sisters and some new ones, welcome aboard Silks by Jane. It was a really cool event. They had music and dancing, stuff for the kids to do, the fun never stopped. Brocante Lux will be hosting it's final show at Southbrook Vineyards on July 30th. I bet it will be a blast. Best of luck to both Jules Mae and Erin Snow in all their future endeavours.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pass it on

Positioning Statement:

Pass it On is for those who see the benefits of having restored, reclaimed, recycled, and renewed, items by giving old things a new purpose.


Pass it On was created from Keira Morgan's love for upcycling (UPCYCLING-To give something at its current state a whole new purpose) Her first project came from turning a WWF bed sheet into a cute summer dress. She started Handsome&Lace after falling head over heels in love with neckties 6 years later in 2007. Handsome&Lace started as a womens accessorie line made from neckties and from there turned into Toronto's Neck Tie Reformatory. She was taught to hand stitch from Holt Renfrew hairband makers, and often made them herself from start to finish for large orders. In 2010 she persuaded the Government to grant her the TBDC grant for small business start-up . Every time she had to present her business plan to the panel they would say "It's your passion that will take you far" Sometimes you can live day to day and never know what potential you have until it amazes someone.

What is Pass it On?:

Here will you find select artisans work available for purchase online, who have been perfecting their skills through passion, very hard work and dedication. You won't ever buy anything from Pass it On that doesn't have blood, sweat and tears put into it. Each piece we carry is unique, one of a kind, and made to the very highest of standards from chalkboards, jewelry boxes, furniture, hairbands and neckties and so much more! If we don't have something you really hope for, we will find a way to make it for you through custom request!

The reason for Pass it On is really to rethink the way we purchase. This is more of a project than a market by encouraging artisans to use what precious materials we already have, and by motivating shoppers to buy eco-friendly. If we have a collective place to unite these two sides of the market then we can ALL benefit! Who would have ever though shopping would save the world?!


The mission is to have a physical location in Toronto to start, and then open a location in every major city in Ontario with every year that passes encouraging others to join in. It will be a modern barn style atmosphere with tons of light and lots of crafters uniting to create something for everyone. A place to come in and look, be inspired, create, or support a cause that could provide income for locals! Pass it on wants to gain the attention of media, newspapers, schools, craft blogs, and David Suzuki and anyone else who can get involved. Let's support each other in this momentous idea that can bring us some peace with the environment-Kind of a kiss on the cheek to our Mother Nature.

~You can't change the past but you can give it a new purpose~

Friday, June 17, 2011

I Do

Meet wedding accessory designer and creator, I Do. I Do makes garters, wedding ring pillows and any other accessory you may need for your big day.

The featured hand beaded and sequined garter could cover you for both something new and something blue. I Do accessories make beautiful keepsakes - something for the next generation to enjoy.

Next time around the garter can be 'something old'. Just a little wedding humour!

Wedding Cake Ring Pillow

I Do welcomes custom orders. Connie looks forward to creating your accessory with you in mind.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little Village Naturals

Tanya Gibson is the creative force behind Little Village Naturals. She is the ?? year old Canadian stay at home Mom, who has a passion for being creative. Tanya's crocheted items on 100 Mile Finds include these adorable little booties, and one of a kind business card case.
Business Card soft case

She's got some really cool items that make your life a little bit prettier and eco-friendly too! Can't ask for more than that!
Sleeve for travel mugs, water bottles...


Tanya is also the creator of a Canadian Community called The Follow Me, I'm Canadian Community, that helps promote & support Canadian businesses, bloggers, organizations, creative talent & more. That is right up our alley! Welcome to 100 Mile Finds!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Rykers Toy Chest

My theme this week is cuteness (did I mention we got a new puppy?) And although there is a sacharine quality to that word, you cannot look at the picture in this blog without at least a little 'Awww...' coming out.
Ryker's Toy Chest creates custom crochet hats, booties, and gifts of all kinds. "We take pride in making made to measure hats and other baby accessories".

Ryker's Toy chest also creates made to order tutu's and headbands, and can put together a gift set for that special someone, or special someone to-be.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pook's Place

So we just got a puppy this week at our house (welcome Buddy!), so we are bathing in cuteness for the next little while. We are also using a lot of paper towels, but I digress......
So the word 'cute' comes to mind as I introduce this vendor - or perhaps 'whimsical' is better. But regardless of vocabulary, Pook's Place is a unique jeweller that appeals to the kid in all of us.

Whether fish or turtles are your thing, Pook's Place has a fun pair of earrings to enjoy. 
The earrings are handmade from polymer clay, or should I say, hand 'sculpted'. They are a lot of fun, and I am wondering, are there are any puppy earrings coming soon?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Farmers' Markets Information

100 Mile Finds has several resources listed to help you locate the nearest farmers markets.

Farmers Markets Ontario provides links, lists and and calendars.
Toronto Farmers' Market Network provides specific information for the Toronto area. offers a 'fresh food finder'.

And if you haven't already heard, join us at Evergreen Brickworks this weekend (Saturday June 4) for Love Local and the market! 100 Mile Finds will be there with lots of our crafters' ware.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Feather Sisters

This sister act combines the talents of two sisters to create one unique product. One of a kind hand painted pillows. Feather Sisters Kathie sews them, and her sister paints each one.
The painting has been done free hand using high quality fabric paint. Envelope style closure on the pillow, and a down feather pillow insert is included. The pillow edges have been sewn down to create a finished and tailored look.

Check out this beautiful Paris pillow. The sisters welcome custom work - create your own accent pillow with a meaningful picture, or a picture that works with the theme of your decor.
Welcome to 100 Mile Finds!