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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Adornments jewellery design & production

Nancy Lismer (Hall) is Adornments. She is currently based in Toronto. Nancy's work is a unique variety of finely handcrafted pieces inspired by wrought iron work, often using the technique of forging in her work. Using nature as one of her inspirations and materials including sterling silver, handmade Italian glass beads and semi precious stones, her pieces are whimsical, funky and elegant in spirit!
Look at this necklace! It's beautiful!
Sterling Silver Flower Necklace
This cute and charming flower necklace blossoms gloriously on your neck! I worked the flower component originally from sterling silver square wire, hammering, bending and soldering it into shape then adding casting grains for bud accents. I then rubber molded these and cast the components in sterling silver. The glass beads I made from Italian glass, and then joined it all together with sterling wire and some lovely amethyst stone. The chain is sterling silver. Price $135.00

I love the fact that not only is her work so beautifully handcrafted, her descriptions make it clear that she absolutely LOVES what she is doing!
PS the bracelet and ear rings are gorgeous too!

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