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Monday, September 27, 2010

Ruby Diego Sculptural Adornments

Sometimes the name says it all - sculptural adornments. Ruby Diego's jewellery on 100 Mile Finds is an amazing hybrid. The pieces are intricate, 3-dimensional works of art that any discerning jewellery lover would covet.

According to the bio, "My work is deeply personal and reflective, responding to current events and the daily activities around me. The ring is a source of great interest to me artistically because of its universal form. To think of the ring is to shape your thoughts, no matter the significance -wedding ring, graduation ring, friendship. Reinterpreting adornments gives life to the familiar object, paying homage to the history of jewellery".
The piece shown, Teacup On a Branch, is cast sterling. The teacup is "a symbol of our dreams....what you want is out there, just look around and reach for it." Love the sentiment, and love the art.

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