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Monday, September 6, 2010

What a great local day!

I must share my great local day! Yesterday, under dark and gloomy skies, fighting off rather cool temperatures, the Fairley's headed off on their long weekend adventure. First stop, the Distillery District to check out the Art show. It was amazing! Although getting through this damn city is enough to turn you into a hermit sometimes, but that's a whole other post!

The girls were, well not dreading "another craft show!", but I wouldn't say they were dying to go either, too bad. Who's kidding who, all three of them were a bit sullen, but after a pep talk/brisk talking too, we were off and running, with smiles planted on our faces! Off we go on a family adventure.

There were tons of buskers there, love that and the art work is truly inspiring! I discovered another vendor, Mosaika Gallery was there with beautiful belts & buckles. They were pretty busy so I didn't get a chance to talk to them but I loved their stuff. Their gallery is in Jordon, not too far... I will have to do some research and give you more info on these guys.
If you, yes you, have a local artisan, a cool event or a funky store that we need, yes need. to know about, I feel it is your responsibility to let us know! I have thrown down the gauntlet, oh yes I have! We would love to hear about them. The more the merrier!

Then we had lunch at the Mill St. Brew Pub! Nothing like enjoying a local beer while enjoying your local lunch! AND  they offer these little sample glasses of beer, much fun to be had with that! AND you can buy their beer there, in their little shop, stuff that isn't available at the LCBO! Grand I say, grand!

Then we went to Rowe Farms to pick up some filet mignon,  it was so yummy! Neither of our kids are big meat eaters, so we had to literally force them to try the meat. The look of shock and delight was totally worth the strong arming that had to get us there.

So after we picked up the meat, but before we ate it, we, being me and girls, (we lost one of the team to get some work done), headed off to the Revue Cinema in Roncy. Although the street is still torn up, for some reason, maybe everyone was still stuck on the Lakeshore, the traffic wasn't bad at all, we hunkered down to watch Ramona and Beezus. My plan was to grab a quick nap, but the movie was so good, good in a young girl kind of way, I never managed to nod off, and I cried not once, but twice!!

It's a real sister movie, if you've got young daughters and the older one is being unbearably mean to the younger one, not that, that is happening in our house, this movie is a delight!
The Revue offers kids gift certificates, $6 for a movie pass. I'm thinking loot bag, stocking stuffer, baby sitter gift...
What a great local day!

I hope everyone is having as great a long weekend as I am! ENJOY!

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