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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Curious Oddities

We are all conscious of the three R's (reduce/reuse/recycle), and sometimes we may even feel a little exhausted when we try to do our part to leave a little smaller footprint. But Kat, of Curious Oddities makes reuse an art form.

"Combining vintage and unexpected treasures with brass, silver, copper and fabric, her designs are delightfully romantic and Neo Victorian, Steampunk, Noir and Industrial inspired". This is the opposite of mass produced and uninspired. Perfect for a gift - I can't imagine a teenager not loving Kat's work.

We love Kat's location as described on her page -
3rd hollow tree on the left,
High Park,
Toronto Ontario
M6R 2K5.
Perhaps the magpie in the park drops off the shiny bits for Kat to use.
At 100 Mile Finds we ask that vendors include an address. Some vendors are reluctant to share their actual addresses, as they work out of their homes and sell on-line and at shows. We get that. We ask them to use a close postal code, as the 'local' concept of our site and the search is dependent on location. Some of them, Kat, for sure, turn it into another way to be creative!

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