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Thursday, April 1, 2010

I've got food on the brain!

I ordered my Turkey for Sundays big dinner. I ordered it from Rowe Farms in BWV. They have locations all over the city, Roncesvalles, St. Lawrence Market, Leslieville, The Beach and one in Guelph. I can't wait until they get their 100 mile finds store up and running!

They are very cool! Very cool! They carry a wide selection of their own label and then some local produce, and some organic dairy foods. They carry Sabores Latinos too!

 These guys are great,we just met them at the OOAK show. We were able to sample a whole bunch of stuff. I'm going back to Rowe Farms today and I'm going to pick up the fixings for quesadillas! Barbeque some chicken, add some black bean dip, some cheddar cheese sounds like a great dinner on the long weekend! I want to try their frozen stuff too, I'll keep you posted!

Another company we were introduced to was So Hot! A couple of ladies from Toronto have come up with some pretty sexy sauces. I think we tried all their sauces. Cilantro Sutra was my favorite, Climaxxx was really good too! Other sauces are Bareback Berries and Sweet Surrender, are you picking up on any kind of theme?!?!!

The Bean Ladies were there too! Lovely ladies,they are either from the Toronto area, or the London area, or both! I picked up a bag of their 'All Dressed Up' roasted soybeans. Yummy! Perfect for munching on as I work away the day!

We saw Roothams Gourmet Preserves too. They are from Guelph. Friends had given us a jar of their 'Tangy Red Pepper Jelly'! We had that on baguette with brie. Fantastic!

It was great to see Organics and Gold Inc. mustard at the show, we were able to try all the different varieties. I must say I recommend their whole grain mustard and their orange and ginger mustard!  I can't wait until we get through our current stock of mustard (currently I'm in condiment overload, we rent a place for the winter, since ski season is over we now have double condiments in our Toronto home!!) I guess if I'm gonna have a problem this might as well be it!

Himalaya Gourmet Sauces Inc. was at the show too! They offer an amazing selection of Masalas, Chutneys, Pickles and Dips! I've got a jar of their Tikka Masala that I can't wait to try!

I'll let you know about the other vendors we met at the show too! Usually we don't shop a the shows, this year I couldn't help myself!

All the best to everyone over the holiday weekend! Enjoy the beautiful weather!

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