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Monday, April 5, 2010

Some cool stuff going on in the hood!

Happy Easter to all!


Here is some more cool stuff going on in the hood! If you live in Ward Five, Etobicoke-Lakeshore West  area you have to go to The WKRA Blog and find out what is going on with some green space that TDSB is trying to sell. The locals have banded together and have organized a rally for Saturday April 10th. It's a great blog if you are living in that neighbourhood too! They've got some great links on there too!

Do What You Can is a website designed to help you find places to drop-off household hazardous and special wastes and unwanted electronics that can't be put in your Blue Box and should not go in the garbage. You can search for places by municipality, postal code or material. This is a great resource!

Do you read the Globe? I'm not much of a newspaper reader myself. I love the idea of reading the paper but I never get around to it and then I feel guilty about how much paper I'm wasting. On Saturday, my husband who actually reads the paper, Susan does too by the way, came across a really cool article called "Klatsch warfare" by Richard Trapunski. There is a new group in town and they are called the Toronto Coffee Conspiracy, TCC for short! It is a seven shop collective that are described  as a united group of like-minded "third wave" independent cafes hoping to spread and promoted the cafe culture throughout the city." We're going to head out and get our "dis-loyalty" card from Crema today!

Now that I've got the paper in my hot little hands I figure I might as well read it!

Deirdre Kelly went to the One of A Kind show and found this really cool vendor that Susan and I somehow missed. Avril Loreti, she does these really great printed napkins that feature prominent Toronto landmarks. She has some great fortune cookie napkins, mustache napkins that are hilarious, she has these 'smooches hankerchiefs', I could go on and on, you have to check out her blog! I'm gonna do my best to get her onto 100 mile finds. She's our kind of people!

I've still got more to tell you about the One of A Kind Show but you're gonna have to wait! Have a great rainy day!

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