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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dermaglow is from Woodbridge!

So the plan this morning was to go for a power walk with my friend Dawn. What's that saying about plans are meant to be changed, or is that promises are meant to be broken? Anyways, it's pouring rain, my allergies are driving me nuts and Dawn is a self proclaimed "product w_ _ _ _" it rhymes with moor, so she is always up for a shopping trip!

Plan B,  now we're grabbing a coffee and getting a few chores done! Not so bad!
After a trip to the bank (Dawn's chore) and to Max's Market (my chore) where I picked up some of their yummy chili and some black bean taquitos for dinner. We're gonna spend some time at Shoppers Drug Mart helping stave off the aging process!
At first I thought I was just killing time AND THEN,  Dawn introduced me to June, cosmetician extrordinaire! Well, not only did she used to work with April from Pink Beauty at Holts. She has worked with the ladies from Balmshell on an event at Shoppers Drug Mart AND she let me know that Dermaglow is manufactured in Woodbridge! I love making a local find!
Thanks to my Dermaglow purchase I should be looking younger and firmer in no time!
Happy Puddle Jumping!

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