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Monday, April 12, 2010

Susan and I went to Ransack the Universe presents An Indie Craft Fair on Saturday. They had some great vendors there. I have to be honest, we haven't been going after new vendors as aggressively lately. Waiting for the finishing touches to get finished on the website has us kinda bummed... We are ready for the next phase, it's just not quite ready for us!
Well we are turning over a new leaf (so much easier to do in the spring!) and we are going to start unearthing even more great local finds! Look out Toronto and beyond!
We paid a visit to IDO: Independent Designers Outlet.  I've been dying to go there! They  carry local and Canadian designers at 20-80% (I get excited just typing that!!) They are at 1418 Dundas St. West. I know the traffic is bad right now because of the construction but it is totally worth the trip. I got a JUMA dress for $50.!!!

Then we headed back to the hood, I needed to get a birthday card so we hit Wise Daughters Craft Market! I love it there! Not only do they carry Coy Clothes, Avril Loveti to name but a few but they host these amazing workshops. While we were there, there was a group of ladies downstairs making moosehead wall hangings. They were having a blast and the mooseheads were fantastic. They have some amazing workshops coming up, you've got to check them out! The National Post! did a piece on the Junction and guess who they mentioned?! They also gave Handsome & Lace a nod! Now I've got to check out Little Bird Fly, see how aggressive I'm getting!!!

On Friday I was dropping a book off at the library and had a few minutes to kill so I headed over to Periwinkle I picked some soap from Enfleurage Organics, called wake-up! I'm all about the shower in the morning to get my day going! Not only is it a beautiful bar of soap but it's a great way to start the day! Avani Creations had some of their bags there too! They are a Brampton company that makes tote bags, handmade paper and yoga accessories out of everything from old sails, banners, jute and hemp. They take recycling to whole new heights!  Skarce Hand Made Jewelery has some beautiful pieces there too!

It's a gorgeous day out there! Enjoy!

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