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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Susan and I went to the Huttonville Antique and Craft show on Sunday. We needed some practice before we hit the One of a Kind Show tomorrow!
As luck would have it Sharlene from Veronica's Sweets was there. It was so great to talk to her and find out just how 'local' her product is. I grabbed a jar of the Red Wine Onion Spiked Jam for us and a jar of the Red Pepper Icewine Jam for our friend visiting from Germany!

Veronica's Sweets specializes in 'Spiked Jams' They are made in small batches, with the freshest of ingredients (of course) and then a liquor is added to create a fantastically distinct product. Sharlene spoke of the one of the liquors coming from, I can't remember his name, but she goes to his house to pick it up! LOVE IT!

Veronica's Sweets are sold at Cheese Shoppe on Locke, 190 Locke St. in Hamilton, at Nature's Corner in Ridgeville, The Irish Shoppe, both of their Keene and Peterborough locations and at the Welland Flower Shop.

There were some other great artisans at the show. Mix it Up! sells spices, dips and seasonings. They are really smart because they sell everything as spice mixtures so they aren't heavy to ship. Sounds like they would do really well on a local shopping website, hmmmm!

I bought a package of their Spicy Caliente Dip! Yummy! I just added it to some sour cream and now I'm munching on veggies feelin' good about life! They also have mixtures for salsa and bruschetta, chili and for dipping oils. I'm gonna try their chili mixture next!

These guys aren't on 100 mile finds, YET, but they really should be, don't you think?

It is absolutely gorgeous out there and it's only going to get better over the next couple of days. I'm heading out to soak up some sunshine!
Have a great day!

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