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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Local Bling! Safe Fish! Fashion Help!

On Monday the Bloor St. Birks store will be unveiling 100 spectacular diamonds mined in Ontario! How cool is that?! Local Bling!
The diamonds will be available from April 26 to May 1st, just in time for Mother's Day! They don't come cheap though, at about $1.7 milllion for 100 cut and polished stones. Click on the link for the whole story!

I came across a cool website. They call themselves "Canada's most comprehensive sustainable seafood program" The idea is that "choosing sustainable seafood is a simple and effective action that you can take every time you eat at a restaurant or buy seafood." They rate the fish "best choice", "some concerns" and "avoid" Each fish is listed, it's market name where it is caught (by country) and how it is caught. There are cool links on the site too! Well worth a look! I'm trying to see if they have rated the only real local fish that we have, as far as I know, and please correct me if I'm wrong (it could happen!, there is a first time for everything!!) which is trout.

Here's another cool website I found. You enter in your measurements (in the privacy of your own home) and then they tell you what you should be wearing! If nothing else it's kinda fun! Who knew I should be wearing V necks!
Have a great day!

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