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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My local adventures!

I'm spending March Break up in the Collingwood area and loving, among other things, how they celebrate everything local! I've made a bunch of great finds.

Let me start with Budda Dog! I'd heard of these guys,they are 'local champions' that hale from Prince Edward County. They also have a location not far from where I live in TO. Sadly, I haven't had the chance to go in!  Finally the perfect opportunity! Its raining, (so we're running errands instead of skiing), and now we're looking for somewhere to eat lunch.

Found it!!

You walk into this great space in Collingwood, right across the street from the Loblaws. There is a bar where you order your hot dogs, it is lined with old ski tips. Perfect for the area! On the wall behind the bar there are the details about what to do.  It's easy. You start with a budda dog (right now you have the option to choose between beef and pork), did you know that March 1st was National Pork Day? Donna knew, now we know!

Then you add a local cheese, Donna explains where each cheese comes from, then a sauce, one of the sauces we chose, was made by the lady who works at the gas station down the street, if that doesn't deserve a "Love it!" I don't know what does. Did I mention the buns are from the Thornbury bakery? They are whole wheat and a trade marked recipe. They are really yummy, it ain't easy to get my 11 year old to eats buns, especially if they are whole wheat, no problem today though! The girls then picked a drink from a selection of Pop Shoppe pops, remember them?! The Eddie Shack commercials, it brings back the old days. They had healthy stuff to drink too, but we didn't want to overdo it!

Although we didn't try any of these, there are salads, Buddha bowls of soups and chilis available and a selection of yummy tarts and cupcakes! Okay we tried the cupcakes, they were amazing!

There are several seating options, we chose the comfy loveseat and chair area right near where they keep all the Buddha Dog apparel, seriously, who doesn't need a Buddha Dog hat? The walls of the restaurant are lined with chalk boards that have a map of the area with a whole bunch of great local finds listed!

The whole time we were enjoying our dogs Donna let everyone who came in know about this or that great local find! It was the most satisfying lunch I'd had in a long time!

I've got to get out and enjoy this sunshine! Have a great day, wherever you are!

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