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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sprockets film festival is coming to town!

The Sprockets Toronto International Film Festival for Children is an amazing week long event. An initiative of TIFF, it gives kids (and their parents and teachers) the chance to learn about different cultural perspectives from around the world. There is everything from public programming for 3 year olds to week long school programs for kids in grades one through 12. This is a chance to see the best of Canadian and international films for children and youth, often the only opportunity we will get.

As usual the girls and I will join friends of ours for a full day of film viewing. Half the fun is going through the line up and finding out what there is to see! First we pick all the movies we want to see, then we see when they are on and on which days, then we co-ordinate movie choices to maximize viewing without over doing it! No easy task, that's for sure!

There are a ton of Canadian films this year!  They have a program called Canadian Shorts featuring, as you may have guessed, a selection of short film by Canadians.

Because I'm a Girl
Simonee Chichester / Torey Kohara & Jon Weinman
A compelling documentary that celebrates "it only takes one girl to change the world"

Jump Cuts is an outstanding selection of short films created by young people. It is the best work by Ontario youths, grades 3-12.

Reel Injun: Using film clips and interviewing filmmakers, actors and scholars, Cree filmmaker Neil Diamond explores the portrayal of Native peoples across more than a century of cinema in this insightful and highly entertaining documentary.

Often there are stars and directors from the Canadian films there to talk to the audience. This can be a really great experience for kids and adults alike.

There are incredible hands-on workshops too! How about Guerrilla Filmmaking with Jared Raab?

Once again, feelin' pretty lucky to living in TO!

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