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Monday, March 7, 2011

Some great local finds in the Meaford area - EcoInhabit: Earth Inspired Living

For the last several years my family and I have rented a beautiful farmhouse just outside of Meaford. Usually we head up on a Friday night, ski all day Saturday and all day Sunday and then head back to Toronto. This year, not sure what happened, but we are taking a much more leisurely approach. We may not be getting us much exercise but we are making some great local finds!

There has been this one place that both, Mr. X (code word for 'my husband') and I have been dying to go into but have always had the kids with us (and knew, from past experience, that, that could totally take all the fun out of it!) Finally we had the opportunity!

EcoInhabit: Earth Inspired Living is on Hwy. 26, this side of Meaford. It is housed in a beautifully restored barn visable from the highway. Once you get inside it is a big airy space with lots of "earth friendly and socially sustainable products for building, you, and your home". They carry Mini Mioche, Cate & Levi, to name but a few of the local companies and there is everything from Baby gear to paint and furniture.
If you are looking for eco-friendly and sustainable products these folks can help you. One of the links on their website, it's under the News & Media tab is a summer eco tour. It lists several destinations in that area that have met the owners strict criteria to be dubbed "eco-friendly" if you are in the area it certainly gives you some great options to visit.

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