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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I have just about run out of my current batch of moisturizer/toner/everything else and I'm on the hunt for something new. And if you know me, I want it to be local, I didn't have time to order anything (time is the killer of local, which is so weird) so I headed off to Shoppers Drug Mart to see what they had. As luck would have it, Dermaglow was having a promo AND there was a rep on hand to help me out!

Things you may not know!
  • did you know Dermaglow is from Woodbridge?
  • did you know that their sunscreen is one of the few major brands that is paraban free?
  • check out their website, at the bottom is a "Free Samples" tab. You can get a 20% discount off your next Dermaglow purchase, they have a newsletter and Face Book & Twitter. FB&T are great for getting info on deals and promos. I've signed up for everything, so if you follow 100milefinds on FB&T I will let you know about any deals. To be honest though, not a lot of companies keep their websites up-to-date and are often occasional at best when posting on FB&T. I'm noticing flurries of posts with long periods of inactivity in between, it seems to be pretty standard throughout any of the bigger companies. We'll see how Dermaglow does.
  • Also Shoppers Drug Mart does a lot of promos with them, so following them on FB&T could save you a buck or two, too! Getting in the cosmeticians "book" as a Dermaglow customer will ensure getting updates on promos too.
So here are my "issues" I have dark circles and bags under my eyes and I want to stop aging! At the very least slow the process down! My concern is not so much wrinkles as my skin isn't as firm as I would like it to be. I'm also one of those people that prides herself on how fast I can get ready in the morning so I don't want a million products. Oh yea, and I'm cheap! Good luck Dermaglow rep, may God be with you!

I was in Owen Sound when I made the purchase and I'm so sorry I didn't get the Dermaglow reps name. She was amazing! She was passionate about the products and really made sure that she was addressing the issues I was concerned about. So here is what I ended up with, the roller thingy aka "Triple Action Eye Lift", Advanced Wrinkle Therapy, Hydration Fix Serum, and a 70 sunscreen for my face. I've been using the products for a week (haven't tried the sunscreen yet, if all goes well I will have it on my face on Saturday!) and here are the results I've seen. First I love that roller thingy for under your eyes. It feels great in the morning it's cool, so it really wakes up your eyes and it plumps up your eye area. I LOVE that, 'cause I need plumping! The Advanced Wrinkle Therapy has an almost chocolatey smell when you apply it. You just need a tiny bit. I'm using that as my moisturizer in conjunction with the Hydration Fix Serum. It is amazing! It makes your skin feel dewy without looking wet. I hate when skin looks wet, too me that means sweaty and that is not the look I'm going for! The sunscreen promises not to be sheer and non-greasy, God I hope so!

They have a new "Anti Gravity Cream" that's what I'll be buying next with my 20% discount!

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    1. This is good to know. I have tried everything from Burts Bees but way to oily. I’ve tried every product too at whole foods almost. I do the at home facial with the Riiviva Microdermabrasion tool for my acne scarring and it’s terrific. Its here at
      Do you have any recommendations as to what avenue to take for mositurizing with out all the oily residue that happens when I use oils. Thanks