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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mama Earth Organics Box # 2

The Mama Earth Organics experience continues... Again a reminder email arrived in my in box on Friday with a list of what would be in my box on Monday, and an opportunity to make any changes and/or additions. I left my tote out Monday morning and my box of organic veggies arrived at some point during the afternoon! Since I've never done this before, I wasn't sure what to expect, especially this time of year. I mean how much local produce is available in March? I was worried that we were going to be inundated with the same stuff week after week, and in large quantities! There was no need to worry! Now I've got apples, a rutabaga, some kinda squash, parsnips, some more yummy looking greens, more mushrooms (just enough for 2 servings though, so we're enjoying them without getting sick of them). I almost forgot to mention the carrots, they didn't last very long. My ten year old LOVES carrots that still have the lettuce attached to them! :-) This time some red onions were in the mix too. I usually don't cook with onions as much as I have lately but they really add a fullness of flavour to soups and salads.
One of my favourite things about this experience is that I am discovering new recipes and working with new veggies. It is so easy to get stuck in a rut! This week I'm gonna make a rutabaga soup with apples and onions.
I would definitely recommend Mama Earth Organics if you are trying to buy more local produce and want to experiment with some "new" veggie options!
Bon Apetite!

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