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Friday, March 25, 2011

Mama Earth Organics - I love it!

Mama Earth Organics is a vendor on our site. Recently they did a FabFind deal and I bought 2 "shares"! My first share arrived on Monday and I love it! LOVE IT!
First they send you an email reminding you that you have a drop off scheduled and giving you a list of what's in your box and the opportunity to make any changes! Very cool!
Then there was a quick knock on the door on Monday afternoon and our Local Basket was there, just like a stork had dropped it off!
The girls were so excited! There was a bunch of stuff I wouldn't ordinarily buy, but so far we are totally on track to eat everything. I'm going to make a beet dish tonight! Yikes! Just so you know, I am a proud beet hater, but there is roasting, garlic and lemon involved in the dish I'm preparing, so keep your fingers crossed. Maybe I'll be a convert!

Not only is there a bunch of yummy fruits and veggies but there is a great newsletter with your invoice and some recipes and some great quotes and anecdotes. They are facebook too! I "liked" em already!

The website is very informative too! They've got options to add to your box, request never sends... They have a whole bunch of other food options too. You can have breads, grains & cereals, coffee & tea, dairy, snacky stuff, spreads & syrups, there are volume buy opportunities too! I know, it's great!

I'm the type of shopper that I go to the grocery store every few days and get what I need. I plan my menus ahead of time and then go get what I want. This whole basket thing puts a completely different spin on it! I just had to get a couple of basics from the store and then went on-line to find some recipes. I made Butternut Squash for the first time, I might add it was pretty fantastic. We had a great salad with fish last night. Everybody has been enjoying apples all week. I made a pico de gallo with the cilantro! Onions are going in everything!
On Monday we have to have our Rubbermaid tote out on the porch by noon and then voila! a stork will drop off another basket full of local, organic produce!

I'll let you know how the beet dish goes and what's in basket #2!

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  1. So glad you're happy with Mama Earth! Glad we could provide you with a truly fab experience :D