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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Picture it Picture Books

A gift that any child would love, and you can feel great about?  That's right - those concepts are not mutually exclusive.  Picture it Picture Books is an amazing idea and local creation from creators Alicia and Leanne.  Picture it Picture books are the only book series that children illustrate themselves.
"We write the stories and leave out the illustrations, giving children a chance to set their imaginations free. Our books focus on the environment, social responsibility, positive human interaction and creativity".

 For example, Goodnight Dreams features a girl named Katie who has never had a dream - and she is on a mission to find out how. 
You could have your child illustrate a book for their friend's birthday for a truly unique gift.  Or see how your children come up with different ideas for the same story.
There are several titles available through 100 Mile Finds - and the price is right too, $8 before shipping!

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