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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tips and Trick for surviving March Break!

Tips and Tricks for surviving March Break!

First I would suggest getting the in-laws to take the kids for the week while you head off to somewhere fantastic and completely unfriendly to kids. If that doesn't work out...

Whether we're staying at home or heading off to a sunny destination far away I always get some new books and a new game for the week. If you are staying around town, you can actually make an activity out of purchasing the items, thus killing time now, and later! I know, brilliant!

Make a day out of it!
Have you heard, Roncesvalles is open to 2 way traffic and there is 3 hour free parking!
Scooter Girls has an amazing selection of toys & games to choose from.
Another Bookshop is in Roncesvalles too. They have tons of cool books for all ages.
You could catch a movie at the Revue Cinema too! Now you just have to figure out where to have lunch! There are a ton of cool stores in Roncy. Across the street from the Revue is a beading store, depending on the age of your kids, you can pick something up and make it later.

Have some fun stuff planned!

I find I don't feel so guilty about television being watched or video games being played if I've got something planned or if we've been out all morning.
  • Wise Daughters Craft Market is offering a Stuffies workshop on Tuesday March 15th, from 10-12pm, ages 5+. They are also offering a Sock Creatures workshop for 8+ on Thursday March 17th, from 1-4:30pm. Learn to Knit workshop is offered on Friday March 18, 1:00-4:30pm 6+. There is lots of cool stuff for grown ups too. Last time I was in there they had sock monkey making kits, that could be a great little something to pull out when the kids look bored!
  • The Handwork Studio has some great PDF's that you can purchase and then make at home. They have DIY Start Baby Kits and Baby Gnome Kits, each with enough to make 10 or more. Do I hear 'fabulous playdate idea'? If you've got an eco-friendly kid that is crafty they also have a PDF for make wool dryer balls! I know, very cool!
  • Debra from Vintage Paper Parade has a great blog! She's always sharing cool ideas that she does with her kids, from party themes to Valentines Day crafts. If you're the crafty type, have a look, I'm sure you'll be inspired!

The coolest March Break camps ever!

March Break Toy Design camp - The Design Exchange
In partnership with Spin Master Toys, this hands-on design based workshop for young designers aged 7 to 10 will explore the world of toy design from concept to prototype.  Projects include Toys with Wheels, Stuffed Creatures and Things that Fly.  Participants will also meet with a visiting toy designer. Ages 7 - 10 years. My kids did a summer camp at the Design Exchange last year, I would highly recommend it.

Contact Katie Weber, Camp Director, for more information at 416.216.2138 or

Evergreen Brickworks - Green City Adventure
The March Break camp is five action-packed days in an enchanting city that most children didn’t know existed. They will take them into the ravines, follow the tracks of animals and look for their homes, learn about the emerging plants, play in creeks, make things with clay, build forts, and play games in the forest—the time-honoured traditions of childhood.  In addition, campers will learn how to grow their own food, cook on a campfire and bake in a bread oven. There are meal plans and extended care options too! Ages 6 - 10 years old. Contact

Pawsitively pets kids camp - Safari Zoo Camp
Ideal for campers that hope to pursue a career in animal care, welfare and/or conservation! It is offered to 6 - 16 year olds. There are full, half and two day options this March Break. I covered one of their camps for SNAP last year, it looked amazing!  Contact them at or go directly to their site (don't forget to mention how you found out about them)

Do you have any great ideas about cool stuff going on this March Break? Share with us, I LOVE it when people leave comments, absolutely LOVE it!

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