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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Insight Health

Yesterday I had a great meeting with Eva Sue-Wah-Sing, she is a certified Nutritional Practitioner and the founder of Insight Health. One of the fantastic things about Eva is her amazing wealth of knowledge. I've done a couple of photo sessions with her and whenever I leave her presence I always know a lot more than when I got there!

Did you know that turkey is the one meat that you don't necessarily need to buy organic?  It's 'cause they are such damn hearty birds! it's true, - Eva told me

I also found out we should be using pans made out of surgical stainless steel! Yikes, I think that is an expensive discovery. I can't find any locally made, yet. So far Saladmaster cookware seems like your best bet! And yes, Eva can give you a demonstration, she is really excited about the product.

She knows where you can buy a cow! A whole cow! That way you don't need to be worrying about where it comes from and what's been done to it. Don't want a whole cow, get together with some friends and split a cow. Friends that split a cow have longer more meaningful friendships you know. Okay I made that part up, but it could be true! Great advice, right? She's got a chicken and turkey connection too!

One of the many coaching services that Eva offers is a pantry clean out! She will go through your pantry with you and let you know what you need to get rid of and what to replace it with. She's not big on throwing stuff out though. She suggests you finish what you have and then replace it with something more healthy. She is really easy to talk to about compromises and how to get to where you want to go.

You have to check out her website, Insight Health. She's got a retreat coming up in June and it sounds truly inspiring! It's the weekend of June 5th and there will be cooking demos, yoga, organic vegan meals, private consultations...

Her website is an amazing resource. It's got recipes, books for sale, she writes a blog...

Eva also offers a bunch of different workshops and classes, 'Hormones in Balance', 'Whole Foods for Whole Health' stuff we really want to know about.

All the best on this snowy day!

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