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Monday, February 7, 2011

Talisman Fibre Arts Studio Incorporated

I was so thrilled to see Mary  of Talisman Fibre Arts Studio Incorporated decided to join us here at 100 Mile Finds!  I met Mary at 401 Richmond at a show in December and was blown away by her work.  Mary combines technology (she manipulates antique photos on the computer, and outputs them on fabric) with old world craftsmanship (she meticulously stitches over the photos with embroidery thread).
"My creative process explores the strangers found in old photographs that I collect from various sources.  I breathe new life and meaning into forgotten identities.  My method of salvaging past memories takes on an intimate role - one of imaginary trust between my subjects in letting me gently pierce their souls with my needle and thread."

The results are astonishing.  When you see a show featuring Mary's work, try to get out and see it.  My words are not doing it justice.

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