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Friday, February 11, 2011

give away teaser #4: The Summer Before the Storm by Gabriele Wills

The Summer Before the Storm by Gabriele Wills This is another great addition to the best local give away ever. I loved this book. It is full of characters from several generations of a rich, powerful Toronto family who spends the summers at the family cottage on Lake Rousseau. There are lots skeletons in their closets, unrequited love abounds, love triangles and bitter disappointments threaten to keep you up all night reading. There are tons of historical references about that exciting time in history, as the first world war broke out, all from a Canadian perspective.  It's the perfect book to read up north if you get the chance. AND my personal favorite, it's the first of a series of three books. I love it when I can relax and read the whole book because I know there are two more waiting for me. Gabriele's store on our site is called Mindshadows.

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