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Friday, October 29, 2010

Shirley's excellent adventure

A few months ago Susan and I were lucky enough to get some amazing advice from Lisa Borden at Borden Communications + Design. Borden C+D is this very cool marketing and design firm that is really committed to living a more healthy life and all that, that means. Lisa gave us some really interesting insights on how to improve our business...

Soon after that they put a call-out for people to join "The Borden Team" as a member of the Borden Factor - Spreading the Good Buzz!  Talk about right up my alley! I applied, was accepted and then eagerly awaited my first assignment. A couple of weeks later there was a call out to taste a new local tea, somehow I didn't make the cut, hmph! It hurt, the rejection that is, but I'm tough, I moved on...
Then Alex sent out a call for people to hand out healthy cookies for Halloween! I thought healthy and cookie were mutually exclusive. We try to eat healthy 90% of time, maybe 80%,  so that we can indulge the other 10/20%, I think that is reasonable. Being someone who never turns down a challenge, I accepted the assignment! How bad can it be, right? People might egg your house for handing out toothbrushes, but I'm still handing out a treat, it should be okay!

Step 1: Pick up 100, individually wrapped, chocolate chip cookies from "Sweets from the Earth" a local (yay) bakery that specializes in "healthy" and I mean really healthy baked goods! These cookies are 100% vegan, dairy,egg & nut free, cholesterol and lactose free, with no preservatives, artificial colours or flavors AND they are kosher. Mmmm, that sounds great! Not really! What the heck have I gotten myself into?!

I've got the address, and then make a near fatal mistake by using Google maps ( I do it over and over again, not sure what that is all about) anyways, off I go! I do not know what the heck it wrong with them, they had me looping back (something I HATE doing) through about 1/2 the city. I FINALLY made it to the Borden Communications + Design headquarters and picked up my cookies. After a bit of chit chat they assured me the cookies tasted fantastic, ya ya, what else are they gonna say!

Step 2: Get home! Easy enough, the drive home is about 1/2 as long as the drive there, no looping this time. I'm a bit peckish so I decide to try one! OMG! I mumble with a full mouth, these are fantastic! They are really good! I figure that I better try one more, it's all for team. I was quite hungry when I tried the first cookie so I didn't really get a chance to savour the flavour as much as I should have. This is a big responsibility, that I am taking very seriously!
Step 3: Now this is going to be a real challenge. Not eating all the cookies before I hand any out!! It's only Friday morning and Halloween isn't until Sunday, NIGHT!
Don't worry I've got a plan. Since we don't get a ton of trick or treaters at our house my 9 year old daughter has agreed to provide them as a "healthy treat" at her class Halloween party! She, like me, is a real risk taker and is prepared to take one for the team! I'm so excited! I'm gonna be the Star Mom now! That never happens. Thank you Borden Communications and Sweets from the Earth for making that happen.

I will keep you updated on every step of our amazing adventure! Okay I'm gonna have one more cookie, but that's it!

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