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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pabrika Handmade

Cheryl Mendoza of Toronto is the crafter behind Pabrika Handmade. Cheryl creates pillows and jewellery.

Pabrika Handmade was started in late 2008 as a creative outlet from Cheryl's job as an engineer. Growing up crafting things of all sorts, starting the shop seemed inevitable. "Thanks to the incredible patience of my friends and family, who were (and still are) the guinea pigs for my handmade inventions, I perfected the construction of the ultimate throw pillow, with the signature Pabrika Handmade tie ribbons on the back. And with no real business plan, and the vague idea that "there should be a store that sells pillows of all sorts, sizes, colours, and shapes", Pabrika Handmade was born". Cheryl sells the pillow case, it saves on shipping costs. It's a great way to make a quick change to the look of a room. One of her many beautiful creations ia an amazing ring bearer pillows for the bride and groom to-be.

Cheryl also creates beautiful beaded jewellery too, featuring Swarovski crystals. Pictured here is the Kathryn necklace. This is truly a fun necklace, with five magenta Swarovski crystal beads (measuring 6mm) free to move about within the wrapped wire ball pendant. $20

Congratulations Cheryl, you truly are another 100 Mile Find!

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