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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween at 100 mile finds w/Sweets from the Earth

I did it! I handed out a healthy Halloween treat, and lived to tell the tale! Actually as word got out that we were dishing out cookies from "Sweets from the Earth" we seemed to become a destination stop in the hood! Kids loved getting chocolate chip cookies as a treat! We had our biggest turnout ever!
I think the secret for these guys is to have two campaigns. One geared towards families who battle allergies and sensitivities to food and a second to lucky families like us who just want to eat as healthy as we can! It's an added bonus that we're supporting a local and sustainable food source too! Now that I'm getting to know the folks at Borden Communications + Design, I'm trying to find out more about Fair Trade and how to support that initiative. There is allot going on there, that we need to be think about how to make sure we are leading the lives we want to!
Have a great 1st day of November everyone,

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