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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sponge Flower Creations

 Sponge Flower Creations is a new vendor at 100 Mile Finds. Deirdre creates pendants, magnets, key chains, or cuff links using images photographed from any kind of drawing, painting, or other media. Think of using your child's artwork - how much would they love that? How much would Grama or Grandpa love that?! What about a new twist on a locket? So not only are you having a piece custom made, but someone you love may be a part of the creation. Custom work is so much more fun than buying one of 1 million off the shelf. This is truly unique.

Deirdre also welcomes fundraiser and bulk order. Perfect for a kids' sports team fundraiser - maybe use the team logo?
Dierdre has also depicted images from her personal photography collection that are available for sale. Check them out, they are amazing!

Either way, you can purchase directly through their 100 Mile Finds store. Gift certificates are also available, you could send one to one of you favorite little people and ask them to create something unforgettable for you. Talk about making gift giving (and receiving) easy.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring Sponge Flower Creations on the 100 Mile Finds Blog... very privileged to part of a wonderful group of local vendors!!