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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Susan and I are always looking for great local finds. I've signed up for a ton of newsletters and sometimes I stumble across something new. First it's the great product, then often, I have to research it fairly extensively to find out where it is manufactured. It can be quite a nail biting experience! There is nothing more upsetting than finding out something was manufactured in Timbuktu! It's the worst when we're at a show, we're chatting up the designer, clearly excited, and then we ask the fatal question! Then we drop them like a hot potato and move on!! Don't worry, we are very gentle, we let them down easy.

Well, one of the newsletters I subscribe to is, it is great! I highly recommend it! You can choose which city you want it to feature and it has news about everything a Mom could ever want to know about. They did a little piece on Mereadesso. This is a trio of cosmetic products that could change all our lives. As I made their store for 100 mile finds, I was getting so excited because it really is something that I want in my life. They are three products a toner, a cleanser, both  for the face and neck and a body balm. They are a one step skincare regime! ONE STEP!

As you can imagine, I am spending a pretty penny testing all the things I blog about. I don't need to actually test everything I blog about, but if I'm going to endorse something, I'm going to test it! My intention was to try the toner. The thought of using one product that takes care of the moisturizer, a toner, serum, day cream, night cream AND eye cream. It makes me feel giddy! Now all I needed to do was finish my existing product and then I would buy some toner, and Bob's your uncle!

To make a long story even longer (that's my specialty, ask my husband!!) Susan and I are at the Children's Trunk show last week and Savymom is there AND they are giving away little bottles of the Beautiful Body Balm by Mereadesso. I felt like I was trick or treating! That is a brilliant marketing tool! Brilliant! Now that I've tried the balm, I am hooked!
Beautiful Body Balm by Mereadesso is really light, which I love. It has a light citrusy minty scent to it when you put it on, but it dissipates fairly quickly so it doesn't compete with whatever fragrance you are wearing. It takes care of everything from below the neck! I highly recommend it. I wish I'd scooped a bunch of bottles from the show.
You can buy Mereadesso products from their on-line store, you can link there from their 100 mile finds store, I'm not sure if they are available anywhere else. My plan is to buy the Beautiful Body Balm right away and then as soon as I finish my expensive toner, that I love, I will buy the toner, and then when I finish up my cleanser (which I have an unreasonably large inventory of) I will get the cleanser. If the cleanser and toner are 1/2 as good as the body balm...
I head into the beautiful day, beautifully moisturized, sounds like a good start!

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