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Monday, May 31, 2010

It's Growing Season!

We have several farmers, co-ops, and farmers' markets directories on the site.  And since we are in the midst of growing things in the province, I thought I'd take a minute to preview some of the innovative ideas in this field (excuse the pun).

Urban Harvest is dedicated to providing its customers with seedlings and garden supplies that promote ecological diversity and preserve the health of our planet. Their plant seeds and garden supplies are specially chosen for their unique qualities by seasoned urban gardeners. All of their seedlings are grown in or near the greater Toronto area to support our local economy.
They sell only 100% Certified Organic Seeds!  

         Shirley talked about 'Not Far from the Tree' when they tapped her maple tree for syrup.  Here's another reminder if you don't want to be mowing the apples that fall from your urban orchard.

"The core of the programming is the residential fruit-picking program, where we pick fruit from trees that would otherwise go to waste. We help fruit tree owners make use of the abundance of fruit that their trees offer by dispatching teams of volunteers to harvest it for them."
 One third goes to the fruit tree owners, another third goes to the volunteers for their labour, and the final third is distributed (by bicycle or cart) to community organizations in the neighbourhood who can make good use of the fresh fruit.

Finally, if you want to shop in the city for farmers market produce, find your nearest market through TFMN (Toronto Farmers' Market Network)

For markets across Ontario check out:

or Greenbelt Fresh

Next week I want to write about some of the interesting farmers on the site you can buy directly from.  Now is the time to talk to them about buying a share of the crop!

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