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Thursday, May 6, 2010

100 mile finds welcomes Totem bags!

Susan and I are so excited to be able to welcome Totem bags to the website! Yeah!

These amazing bags are made locally from material that is locally sourced and were headed to the landfill! LOVE IT! They use old vinyl promo banners and trunk tarps, seat belts and inner tubes. How cool is that?!

They have two styles the T3 hip city messenger bag which can be used by both men or women (or my eleven year old daughter who needs a new messenger bag and will go crazy when she sees these, AND will be the envy of all her friends!!) This bag would be great for work/school, riding your bike, over night trips, the gym, you name it. They retail for $130.

They also have the T2 which is a market bag. It's a great carry-all tote bag with an inside pocket for keys and phones and all that junk that we have to have with us! They use seatbelt wrap around straps to make sure it can carry anything and everything! They retail for $100.

You can buy the bags from their on-line store, just use the link above and head on over to their personal website or you can pick them up at various locations in Toronto, including a favorite of ours, Beadle, at 1582 Dundas Street West. Beadle is an amazing store,  I dare you to come empty handed. I'll be there at some point in the near future to show my daughter the Totems bags. Who knows what else we'll find!

It looks like it is a beautiful day out there! Get out there and enjoy it, that's my plan!

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