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Thursday, May 27, 2010

LA Sugar at 100 Mile Finds

We are always excited to open the admin page of our site (command central) and see a new vendor requesting to join us.  This week I was thrilled to see LA Sugar in our inbox.  We met Cody at the Clothing Show (would highly recommend this show to our locavore fashionistas, truly inspiring!).  Shirley could not resist buying one of his adorable hoodies for her daughter, who took to wearing the 'diamond' ring zipper pull on her ring finger.  This is somewhat awkward, as the ring is still attached to the pull, but it still makes you feel glamorous when you are 9.

LA Sugar is an example of a vendor at 100 Mile Finds who does not 'manufacture' the entire product locally. To fit our criteria, we require a level of transformation to a product, although not all raw materials are sourced locally.  We have found, especially with apparel, it is difficult for vendors to source locally manufactured T-shirts etc. that suit their particular aesthetic.  We welcome any tips, suggestions of local manufacturers that we can send out to our vendors. Often they want to source locally, but cannot find what they are looking for.

Anyway - welcome LA Sugar!

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