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Monday, November 16, 2009

Man, oh man! Is it ever craft show season!! This Sunday we were at the Heintzman House. It was great to see Joanna from Life in a Lens and we also bumped into Pattie Rooke from The French Laundry who plans to join us in the new year!
This week Susan and I are busy trying to tie up all the loose ends of the website to have it up and running and bug free for the first week of December! We will end this week with a visit to Signatures Craft Show at the Metro Convention Centre, Plaid Tidings, the Swansea Craft Sale, The Moose Show that Christine from Morris B. is a vendor. I'm thinkin' we might be all craft showed out by then! There aren't any other big shows happening? Are there?!! I know, I know, the One of a Kind.
Talk to ya in a couple of days.

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