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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Joanne Kates, what a woman!

Susan and I had the oppurtunity to hear Joanne Kates speak last night to a group of parents at our childrens school about anti-bullying.
I was so inspired by what she had to say that I had to share it with you!
As a mother of 2 I've had to deal with the subject of bullying several times. Nothing really serious but we've had to chat with teachers... I have several issues with the whole anti bullying movement. One of my issues being that I think the term 'bully' is misused and over used, much like ADD and ADHD. I think there are kids with anger management problems and I think that social development often helps kids learn to handle themselves better... The other issue I have is that I hate how all the focus is on the Bully! It is so easy to fall into roles, especially when we precieve that other people expect that of us... I think that holds true for the victims too.

Joanne Kates approach to dealing with bullying is refreshing and enpowering! She talks about the relationship between the bully and the victim and the importance of repairing that relationship. As I try to share with you all that Joanne had to say I realize that what I heard is probably very different from what another parent facing different issues might have heard. I think Joannes's message is best told by herself. Go to you can find out about the camp and the possibility of her speaking at your own child's school too.

Okay, clearly she must be a great Mom and a great wife! I know she is a great speaker, I heard her. She also wrote a cookbook! She's a restaurant critic, a freelance writer, and a radio commentator!
I gotta go, I'm feeling a little inadequate!!

Have a great day!

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