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Monday, July 2, 2012

Toronto Beaches

Not everyone can get to their summer cottage on Lake Couchi-something-or-another.  Cottaging is grand for those with wheels and a credit rating above that of Greece.  So for the rest of us, we thought we would take a minute here to post a couple of alternatives that are accessible by TTC.  Blog TO mentions Woodbine, Hanlan's Point (clothing optional, bring the SPF 60), Sunnyside, Cherry Beach and Bluffers Park.

We went on a little outing to Bluffers Park with the kids recently.  I had forgotten that they had not been there in years.  The cliffs are really a geographic wonder and someone had a bonfire going which could be a lot of fun.

All of these beaches were blue flagged for swimming at the time of writing, so don't forget your towel.
And if you have the aforementioned wheels and want to plan a road trip, try this link to find some of the best beaches in Southern Ontario.  Happy Canada Day and Happy Summer!

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