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Monday, July 9, 2012

made in Canada - #1 towels

There are a ton of great companies that still manufacture in Canada and this "made in Canada" series of blogs is all about introducing them to you and hopefully making it easier for Canadians to find locally or Canadian made items. Oddly enough in this age of information it can be really hard to find products actually made in Canada and sometimes even harder to find out where to buy them.
Since I'm in search of bath towels myself, that's where our journey begins. I've been aware of Cambridge Towels for awhile. They've been on since the beginning, and we have Cambridge towels hanging in our bathroom right now. I'm a big fan. They are a high quality, well made product. I thought though that I would be able to find and share about other towels that are manufactured in Ontario and across Canada. Amazingly enough I couldn't find any other major manufacturers in Canada and only one other much smaller business. If you know of more, let us know and we will spread the word.
Cambridge Towels are almost exclusively manufactured in Cambridge, ON. I've attached a link to their blog which explains how and why they manufacture locally. They are a high quality, well-priced product that is actually quite easy to find.
Their UltraDry towels are 100% cotton, well-priced with an amazing array of colors and exclusively available are at Walmart, yes Walmart! There is also the MainStays brand that is available at Walmart. It is towels, ceramic accessories and rugs. The towels are made in Canada while the other items are sourced internationally.
Whole Home Egyptian is available at Sears Canada. They are luxury 100% Giza86 Egyptian cotton towels, This product is crafted in Canada with the ultimate standards of quality and luxury.
Head over to for the Grand Egyptian towel made of certified 100% Egyptian cotton.

Hankettes is the only other bath towel manufacturer I could find. Here's the blurb on their homepage, I'm pretty sure I can't say it any better than this."We love our planet!  Since 1996 we've been a home-based family business devoted to creating reusable organic cotton alternatives to disposable paper products.  In 2008 we began making our all natural body, baby, home, and pet care line.  Hankettes products are handmade at our co-op acreage on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada (soaps are made in Salmon Arm, BC). Everything we offer is eco-friendly, quality Canadian made, fair wage paid, AND good for you & Mother Earth!"
This company offers a lot more than just towels. If you are searching for Canadian made and eco-friendly products it looks like their website would be a good place to land. 

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