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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Made in Canada #2 – PFDs or life jackets

It amazes me how hard it is to search for products manufactured in Canada. There are a bunch of sites that pop up when you search “Made in Canada” that have nothing to do with where a product is manufactured. It drives me nuts!
Once again we have an amazing local manufacturer of PFDs or life jackets. I wanted to introduce this company to you, but I also wanted to find some other options across Canada. Well that is easier said than done. I even searched by province, with no luck. Thank goodness our one offering is so amazing!

Let me introduce you to SALUS Marine Wear inc.    They are a small Canadian manufacturer that services paddlers, sailors, active families, and rescue professionals in Canada and around the world with its award-winning PFDs. Known as an industry innovator, Salus’ patented PFD designs have garnered industry accolades and international attention.
They carry everything from life jackets for babies to PFDs for your dog! They’ve got gear for sailors, kayaker and paddlers and full on foul weather gear. If you are looking for PFDs for your family whether it’s just for recreational use or you are a serious marine player, check out SALUS Marine Wear inc.
Their website has a great “find a retailer” tab. Click on that and you can easily find where they are available across Canada. It’s often a good idea to check with the retailer first though. Experience has proven that many companies are less than diligent in updating their websites. I’m not saying this is true of SALUS Marine Wear inc., it just an overall observation.
 If you’ve ever questioned whether or not you should be trying to support Canadian manufacturers have a peek at their website. They have eloquently laid out why they manufacture in Canada and why it’s so important that they do so. SALUS Marine Wear inc.

Enjoy this beautiful land of ours this summer and stay safe.


  1. Wow, thanks for posting this great info!

  2. Hi. Nice write-up on Salus Marine. You can find their products, along with thousands of other products made in Canada, on our website: