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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rhonda Maternity

We were so pleased when Rhonda Maternity joined the site.  This excellent maternity wear store is locally owned and even manufactures some of their line in the requisite 100 mile vicinity. 
At Rhonda Maternity, 
"we understand your body and the changes you’ll experience in the upcoming months. We’ve been fitting moms-to-be with a personal approach since 1971. There really is a Rhonda in the store (ed. note, can you say 'Help me Rhonda?' when you arrive), plus a great experienced staff. 
We can fit you. When you try on maternity clothes for the first time, it all makes sense. Let us show you how flattering and comfortable maternity clothes can be. We make it easy with our own unique Rhonda maternity designs plus handpicked designer maternity wear." 

I joked in a recent facebook post that the LBD (featured at right) was PDC if you were KU.  Since those are mostly my own acronyms, PDC is 'pretty darn cute' and KU is 'knocked up'.  I am not KU right now and I think I would like this LBD.  Not sure I should go to all that effort for a dress however...............
Welcome to 100 Mile Finds Rhonda!

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