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Friday, December 23, 2011

Rasko diamonds

Through an interesting series of events my husband and I were invited to the Rasko diamonds showroom last Sunday. The showroom is invitation only. It is in an unassuming building at Yonge and the 401, in an office that you would never guess carried the unimaginable treasures inside.

Talk about one of Toronto's best kept secrets, I thought that was us!!

First the Abraham's just let us peruse the 3 showcases at our leisure. Of course I had questions, and like any true artisan Mr. Abraham couldn't help himself from regaling us with the history of each of the pieces we asked about and then he was gracious enough to pull out some of his own favourites. The pieces were spectacular, every detail is a fantastic work of art. I realized early on that we were in the presence of a true artisan, who possessed an expertise that only decades of experience will grant. We had so much fun as the couple bantered back and forth, by the end of our visit I felt like we had made new friends.

The Abraham's travel the world handpicking exquisite gems and then transforming them into artistic masterpieces. We were lucky enough to get a peek at some gems that hadn't been set yet. Weitzman knew exactly what each gem was going to be transformed into. It reminded me of hearing a wood carver once say that the wood knew what it was going to be, it was up to the carver to listen. Honestly some of the pieces literally took my breath away. Apparently pink diamonds are all the rage! Black ones too! Weitzman educated us about which gem came from where, only get your emeralds from Columbia... I got to hold a necklace that Goldie Hawn wore!

Honestly diamonds and emeralds aren't in our budget right now, but one day... What I didn't know is that Rasko diamonds does a booming business in resetting customers own gems and smaller works. If you are looking for an exquisite yet affordable jeweller, look no further! I have to warn you, up until Sunday I wasn't really into fine jewellery, those days are behind me, that is for sure!

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