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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Report on the Conscious Food Fest last Saturday

It is always with enthusiasm that I attend a local show/sale, but it was also with an  empty stomach that the whole family ventured out to last Saturday's Conscious Food Festival at Fort York in Toronto.
Included in the admission price were 5, $1 vouchers to purchase the sample plates being offered.  We might have had to top up our kitty a little as we wandered around.

Here's our lunch menu:

A bhudda dog with jerk sauce and peach garlic sauce.  Bhudda Dog makes fantastic, kid-friendly, guilt free hot dogs.  They are actually very adult-friendly too, which is fab.
Creamy and flavourful Fifth Town cheeses
Incredible heirloom tomato bruschetta by chef Rodney Bowers (accompanied by just a taste of Rose from Southbrook Vineyards, this was a family event)
Ying Ying's sweet and sour tofu kebabs (yummy, and I'm not a huge tofu fan)
and finished with a taste of frozen kefir from Yogalicious and a scoop of organic ice cream from Mapleton Organics.  I tried some lemon frozen yogourt and maple sugar ice cream.  Heavenly.
All of this was washed down with lemonade sweetened with Stevia.

It was a great event, and dinner was easy to prep that night - noone was very hungry.

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