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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Alpaca Eugenix

At 100 mile finds our goal is to introduce local producers, artisans and manufacturers to the local  customer. We realized early on, that sourcing locally is sometimes impossible. In an effort to represent and support as many locals as possible (and to stop squabbling among ourselves!!) we developed a criteria that the artisans had to meet. When we developed the criteria for 100 Mile Finds, we felt that it was important to allow raw materials from beyond the 100 Mile limit as we are focused on the local 'transformation' of the products.  Whether that is from seed to crop or gem to jewellery, the focus is on locally made. Manufacturing locally is very important to us. We really believe the more all of us support local manufacturers, the stronger they will become and the more opportunities will become available to other artisans...

Some products are more '100 Mile' than others though. By that we mean that some of our vendors use local raw materials, or produce the raw materials themselves.
Alpaca Eugenix is as '100 Mile-y' as it gets!  This vendor is involved with raising local alpacas and produces hand-woven unisex scarves, socks, baby hoodies, booties and toques as well as duvets, pillows, and alpaca wool. You can check out their site for pictures of the alpacas and their products- real before and after shots.

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