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Sunday, August 15, 2010

MagZ-BagZ for Back to School

We love running into Megan from MagZ-BagZ when we are out and about at the many shows we enjoy. She is both professional and enthusiastic and we are thrilled to have her as a part of 100 Mile Finds.
MagZ-BagZ produces beautiful, functional bags for all the stuff you need to carry. According to Megan, "why should you carry this stuff using a bag that doesn't reflect your style, your personality, and ultimately your individuality - a little self expression is required in everything you do. MagZ-BagZ allow YOU to shine through".
So September is around the corner. There are some amazing sling bags that would be perfect for hauling texts back and forth to the classroom. (Of course, they are also a perfect gift for the new Mom). I know that I am a little tired of the poor quality bags I have purchased for my kids. If they last more than one school year I feel lucky, and I'm thinking that landfills full of cheap knapsacks would not be exactly pretty.
Anyway, if you're in the market, check them out.

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