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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kynk Naturals

When we first sought new vendors for 100 Mile Finds, one of the earliest to jump on board was Kynk Naturals.  Kynk Naturals produces hair and skin care products using non-toxic ingredients " if you cannot eat it we won't use it". 
Near and dear to my heart, Kynk Naturals want you to "love your Kynks, improve your relationship with your skin, and revolutionize your relationship with your hair. Kynk is dedicated to promoting kinky, curly, nappy, frizzy, wiry hair. Kynk provides solutions to the frustrations of tangles, breakage, toxins, and tears. We are in the business of helping people live naturally with their beauty!"
I grew up wanting hair like Cher or the doll Chatty Cathy (perhaps I am giving away my age????).  Anyway, having tried the toque method (sleeping with wet hair in a tight skull cap), I can't help but love the idea of embracing the wave, despite Jennifer Aniston.
Love that there is a new attitude and I applaud Kynk Naturals for promoting beauty in all its forms.

With products like Bum Balm, Pit Stop and Jock Chalk we know they've got the whole body covered!!
For more info, just click the link Kynk Naturals

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