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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Xmas Pondering - How to Lower the Bar

Great article in the Globe and Mail by Adriana Barton today about Christmas Dream mythology,

"There’s something about Christmas that makes normally sensible parents go all Martha Stewart, determined to conjure up a magical holiday for their kids....However, setting the bar too high for the “most wonderful time of the year” may be a perfect storm of magical thinking, fear of disappointing loved ones, overindulgence in booze and tight quarters with family members who never did learn to get along.  “Our expectations are unrealistic around family, around the holidays, around what’s going to happen or should happen,” she says. “When we start going down that path, we’re in for trouble" says Renee Trudeau, a life coach based in Austin, Tex."

The article goes on to talk about how lowering our expectations and prioritizing traditions we actually enjoy might bring us a little peace.  We have lots of avid crafters who enjoy the site - let that be your thing.  But let go of also being the perfect baker, daughter, and Santa's sexy little elf if that is not your schtick.  Here's the top 5 things I can think of that keep me sane:

1. I accept that I will be tired on Christmas Day because I still get excited on Christmas Eve. Oh well, hopefully I have more energy on boxing day
2. No matter who is hosting, help in the kitchen.  It's actually kind of fun to cook with someone else, and there are leftovers the next day, so you will get to sit down.
3. When one of your relatives is getting under your skin, think of the alternative.  It is only 24 hours.
4. Being a teenager at Christmas is hard. They are still mourning the magic of Christmas morning just a few years ago.  And even when your Mom thinks she is buying you cool clothes, she probably isn't. It's hard to fake it.
5. Go for a short walk to clear your head.  It is peaceful outside.

The frenzy is just one more week - you'll get there.

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