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Monday, December 3, 2012

Bark'n Up the Green Tree

OK, as a relatively new dog owner, I find myself eating crow as we add Buddy to our Xmas list.   I am sure Buddy would prefer to be the one eating that crow, but instead I find myself looking for something a little less smelly to give to her as a Xmas treat.
New 100 Mile Finds vendor Bark'n Up the Green Tree has lots of ideas for your furry four pawed friend. 
Bark'n Up The Green Tree was founded to provide a healthy/green alternative for pets and pet owners.  Their full product lines include:
The Barkery, consisting of dog treats that are all natural, free of preservatives, dyes, fillers, and needlessly added sugar and salt.  "At first glance our treats look like human food (so careful when there are toddlers and teenage boys around).  We offer delightful cookies, muffins, pup cakes, and wheat free treats"
Earth Mother and Sweet Pea collections offer apparel, toys & beds. 
Earth Mother offers eco-friendly beds, leashes, collars, sweaters & toys hand-crafted from up-cycled & re-purposed materials.
 Sweet Pea products are fun, colourful and full of energy. Hand-crafted with new fabrics & findings into bandanas & fancy collars.

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